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Monday April 21, 2014

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  • groups abihail updated group, Online Marketing
  • abihail created a new group, Online Marketing in Internet
    • Online Marketing
    • Online Marketing captain marketing reviews - America's leading internet marketing optimization & service company
    groups 26 days ago
  • admin created a new topic ' Maca Powder' in the forum.
    Someone at the health food store today highly recommended Maca powder as an additive to smoothie for an energy boost. Considering that I have never used maca before I bought the sales pitch.
    I see that this is used for energy, libido and performance enhancement. I was just interested in the energy boost,,, which is why I haven't tried it today,, want to be able to sleep tonight.

    So,,, if you have used Maca powder I would truly like to hear of your experience with it.

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  • yadmit replied to the topic 'yadmit's workout journal' in the forum.
    Program Minimum

    Start: 7:09am
    Finish: 8:10am

    Warm Up: 14:00 - HKC plus 2x10 DD

    Practice: Cleans (16kg) 5/5 Presses (16kg) 5/5 Snatches (16kg) 5/5 - 10:30

    TGU: 16kg - 4:30 - Two per side

    Roller & Stretch: 27:00

    Thoughts: Tightness in right shoulder girdle and scap area. Physio? See if I can get in soon. It made overhead stuff a bit of a challenge.

    Read More... 488 days ago
  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 488 days ago
  • yadmit replied to the topic 'yadmit's workout journal' in the forum.
    Program Minimum

    Start: 7:09am
    Finish: 8:11am

    Warm Up: 17:30 - HKC - plus KB Pendulums with the 32kg - KB DL 2x5 with the 32kg - Dowel DLs 2x10

    Practice: Goblet Squats 1/1/1

    Manmakers: 12:00 - No assigned work to rest. 122 swings with the 32kg.

    Roller & Stretch: Roller - 18:30

    Thoughts: Felt pretty good today. Could've been a tad better, I think. Focus was a bit 'out there.'

    Read More... 489 days ago
  • admin created a new topic ' Creative Body Art' in the forum.
    If you haven't seen it yet,,, I was amazed by the creative body art by young Japanese artist Hikaru Cho.
    Hikaru was kind enough to allow us to feature some of her work here at Lift for Life.

    Pasted below is a link to the article
    Creative Body Art
    Read More... 489 days ago
  • admin created a new topic ' Lift for Life on Facebook' in the forum.
    After a long delay we've finally started a Facebook page for the Lift for Life site. Frankly I just didn't know how I would have time to maintain a Facebook presence however it seems that some software will make this much easier.

    So,, if you haven't checked it out yet, you can find Lift for Life on Facebook at the link below,

    Or simply click on the Lift for Life link in the Facebook box in the right column.

    Read More... 490 days ago
  • Old Navy replied to the topic 'Crazy Eights' in the forum.
    Friday, December 14, 2012

    Body Weight: 159.4 Pounds

    On Monday and Wednesday, I worked out with my training partner doing Chest and Triceps on Monday and Legs and Calves on Wednesday. This is a very busy time at the Y where I work as the Fitness Director and I didn't have time to post my workouts. Here is today's training.

    Crazy Eights

    Back, Shoulders and Biceps

    Body Weight Pull Ups
    3 x 8 x 159.4 pounds

    Machine Lat Pull Down
    3 x 8 x 155 pounds

    Machine Low Row
    3 x 8 x 165 pounds

    Military Press
    3 x 8 x 70 pound fixed barbell

    Bench Lat Pulls
    3 x 8 x 65 pound dumb bell

    Dumb Bell Bicep Curls
    3 x 8 x 30 pound dumb bells

    100 slow and hard


    I use the award winning AAEFX Flex Wheeler Signature Series

    Kre-Alkalyn EFX PRO Pre-Workout Energy and Muscle Activator
    Nytric EFX PRO Vascularity and Muscle-Pump Intensifier
    CELL RUSH Post Workout Muscle Cell Re-fueling System
    LBA PRO Liquid Amino Acid and Protein Complex
    LG5 PRO Liquid Glutamine and Cell Volumizer
    K-OTIC Hardcore Psychoactive Performance Igniter
    NF-PRO 100% Pro-Grade Whey Protein

    Old Navy

    Read More... 492 days ago

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