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TOPIC: My Journal of Gaining Mass **Natural**

My Journal of Gaining Mass **Natural** 3 years 1 month ago #36957

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Hey, brand new to this site, but was looking for somewhere to post this, and am looking for some motivation and guidance.


Im 19 years old, and been in and out of the gym since i was 16, always a skinny guy, and hated it, but always gave up because i was never getting any where with gaining mass. It got to a point where in september 2011, i decided to stop messing around and juice it. I was getting fed up with being the small guy. I hated it. I am proud to say i stayed away from the juice, i was warned and inspired by someone on another forum. He suggested a different style of training, and encouraged me all the way. I can honestly say ive never been so grateful in my life, i cant even begin to think of what i would look like if i hit the juice.

So heres some dates and stats:

It all started when i left for the oil rigs on nov.4 2011 weighing in at only 155 lbs 6' tall. While i was out there, because of the nature of the job, i gained a quick 10 lbs and was sitting at a solid 165 lbs. When i came back home, inspired by the weight i had gained, i took some advice, and started the Strong Lifts 5x5. I started that program on Jan.17th 2012 and i LOVED IT. Today Mar. 13 2012 im sitting at 180 lbs. Thats 25 lbs since November! Im the strongest ive ever been, lifting more weight then i could imagine, i have no clothes that fit me anymore. Ive had to resort to wearing cloths that stretch! Im putting mass on to fast. Nothing fits!! Girls are always staring me down, my confidence is threw the roof! Finally starting to fill out and ive never been happier.

Where im at today:

Well as i said im sitting at 180 lbs. My training is spot on, my diet... well it needs work, mainly because of finances. But i do what i can. Theres just a few things i need to work out, and am hoping to get advice from here.

What im looking for help with:

My diet is number one. Im not a big fan of supplements. I believe in old fashion eggs, chicken, and determination ;) but i eat what ever i can, when ever i can. Try to eat 5-6 meals a day, but my gains are starting to slow down, i really need to take it to the next level. So if you guys have any advice on how i can do that, on a budget, i would really appreciate it :D

Motivation is second. Im always motivated to go to the gym, i have a problem staying out of the gym and to not over train. Its hard, im addicted! Im getting stronger every day, but when i look in the mirror, or get on the scale, and look smaller, or that needle goes below 180, my heart drops and i start to stress, and become very discouraged. If you guys have any tips on how to keep my mind in a positive state, because i just dont know what to do ><

What i plan on doing:

If you guys want to see me log my progress on here, i would love to do so, or if its just gonna be another boring log, then fuck it! If you want to see before and after pics, i can supply those, really astonishing if you ask me;)
And for those of you guys out there that are struggling with gaining weight and have any questions, feel free to ask. I would love to help!

Once again, thanks for reading this crap, im just really looking for some encouragement and guidance to my goal of 200 lbs!!


Male, 19, 180 lbs, 6'
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Re: My Journal of Gaining Mass **Natural** 3 years 1 month ago #36963

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Hello and welcome to Lift for Life.
Glad to see that you stayed clean,,, no worries or regrets this way.
I believe in old fashion eggs, chicken, and determination
Add "Time" to this.
Lets put this perspective. You've put on 25 lbs since November,,, that is a HUGE difference. From this point I would definitely pace it. Since your strength is up then you are definitely gaining muscle very likely some fat in there as well.

Bottom line,,, you're moving in the right direction,,, confidence is up and ladies are noticing. No need to rush it from this point, your gains will be mostly lean muscle.
Lift for Life - Natural Bodybuilding at it's Finest!
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