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TOPIC: workout split discussion

workout split discussion 5 years 1 month ago #29968

  • flex
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I want to get yalls opinion on workout splits. I've seen it done every which way. For example some say do: chest & tri's together b/c the tri's are worked w/ chest. some say do chest and back-antogonist/push pull. I had a guy tell me to do chest and shoulders together b/c #1 i have bad shoulders so he said it would be less stress on my shoulders to do it all on 1 day and #2 it works the same area so all the blood will be pumped to the chest/shoulders. On the Dorian Yates training videos he said to do chest with Bi's but didn't explain why.

I just want to start up a discussion and get yalls opinion of what split and why.
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RE:workout split discussion 5 years 1 month ago #29972

  • BigRick
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My favorite splits are

lats and traps and biceps
triceps and shoulders
legs and Lowerback

Sometimes I will switch this up and do biceps and forearms on leg day and not back day. Also here and there and will add a 5th day and make it biceps and forearms day.
That is the most effective split I have found over years of training. Following the above split I like to do either 1 day on then 1 day off repeat or, 2 days on 1 day off repeat. I like to train 4-5 days a week. I base my split off of how I can get the most recovery between exercises and recovery between the stabilizers getting hit. Following this split I can get ample time off between upper body exercises which hit the shoulders and triceps 2 times a week ( bench press, shoulder press, etc) also following this split I can get ample time off between my lower back and core getting hit hard on ( back day and on leg day).

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RE:workout split discussion 5 years 1 month ago #29984

  • Robocos
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I favour antagonistical sets thus:

--Bi's / Tri's and also shoulders
--Quads / Hammies and calfs
--Chest / Back

My triceps become exhausted if I try to do chest and shoulders / arms so that's why the above split suits me as I get rest between arms and chest.
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RE:workout split discussion 5 years 1 month ago #29989

  • stev394
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Now I know this is going to shock and maybe even disgust some on this forum but the only split or regimen I stick to is alternating weeks 1 week heavy lower reps then next week high reps high intensity (circuit)

No logs
No journals
No 2,4,6,8, week cycles of exercises

constanly doing different exercises all of the time.

I have been lifting 3-6 days a week for 11 years. I have competed in powerlifting and now onto bodybuilding. I have tried every exercise, log, journal, workout and found that I have made the most gains and progress (gaining muscle, lowering bf, strength) only after throwing away my log books and exercise routines. So my splits or routine ALWAYS change from day to day and week to week. It just is what works for me. Oh and the best training partner I have ever had is my mp3 player. (it happens to show up everytime I train) weid?!?!?!
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RE:workout split discussion 5 years 1 month ago #30018

  • SquatMax
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good morning,

we've done this before... nonetheless, here goes...




in that order... if I have a 4th day, I pull shoulders out... if I'm really heavy cycle, it looks like this...





Auxiliaries for Chest/Tris

Auxiliaries for Back/Bis

can't say that's a week or ten days or two weeks... it's however often I get to the weight room with the opportunity to train... last week, with wife in hospital, I worked out one time... this week, hopefully more, as she's Home though we don't know the cause of what sent her there yet...

I have a workout article posted on this site that has nine workouts done in rotation... meant to be a two week micro, sometimes more, sometimes less... varies from heavy and few reps to light and lots of reps... got Me through a year of lifting before I moved on...

that works for Me... I keep getting stronger and cutting weight, so I'll keep working it...

right now I'm on wendler's 5-3-1 workout, and it's brutal... not a lot of assistance/auxiliary goin on there... I've done sheiko, and he really doesn't split anything...

really the bottom line is keep experimenting til you find what works, and then work it til it doesn't... then add weight, find something else, and go some more..

have a great day,

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