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Thursday November 23, 2017

Rich Daniels

Written by Rich Daniels

Power Lifter - Bodybuilder

The Best of Both Worlds

Rich Daniels

Ranked in the top 10 category by Monster Muscle Magazine, Rich's current goal is to break the National bench press record in an AAPF (drug tested) sanctioned event. With several championships and two Florida state records in the deadlift under his belt, Rich not only knows where he is going, he knows how to get there.

Meet Lift for Natural Athlete of the Month for Rich Daniels.

A blend of sculpted muscle and pure strength, Rich is the real thing.

As a drug free powerlifter and competitive athlete, Rich has gained recognition as a force to be dealt with.

 Rich Daniels

Contest History:

1st Place 2005 Orlando Barbell Spring bench press
1st Place 2004 WABDL Florida state deadlift-(state record) *current record holder*
1st Place
2003 WABDL Florida state deadlift-(state record) *current record holder*
3rd Place 2nd Annual Barbender Classic Bench Press
1st Place Amelia Island Deadlift
2nd Place APA Bench Press Championships
1st Place APA Gulf Coast Bench Press
3rd Place APA Thunder Bay Bench Press
3rd Place Barbender Classic Bench Press
3rd Place King of the Bench
1st Place Seffner County Raw Bench Press
1st Place South Florida Bench Blast
1st Place South Florida Spring Bench Blast
1st place Iron Works bench press


Rich Daniels

Lift for Life Model of the Month

Rich Daniels at Powerlifting Competition

Contact information:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To Powerlifting Competition Calendar

Natural Bodybuilding at its Finest - Lift for

Ranked by "Monster Muscle magazine" in the top 10
Ranked by "American Powerlifting Association" in the top 20
Ranked by "Powerlifting USA" in the top 100

Stats: 5'8" , 189lbs , 35 years old

Favorite exercise: Bench press

Favorite body part to train: Arms

Training philosophy: I have put together a training style of my own over the course of 16 years. It is a mixture of old school basic, Westside Barbell methods and metal militia training. It has worked excellent for me.

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, fishing

One of my articles - Power & Definition

"Motivation and discipline is the key to all success"


+1 #1 Buddy fetherolf 2012-06-08 11:16
Hey rich this is buddy we went to glenridge dam bro I can't find ya on face book I talk to Troy he just told me that he talks to you.hit me up

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