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Friday April 20, 2018

Tracy DeBrita Gamelin logo
Athlete Profile:

Tracy DeBrita-Gamelin: Female Bodybuilder / Fitness enthusiast *IFPA Pro

Weight: 119 contest, off season 125

Height: 5' 4.5"

Years Training: 10

Years Competing: 1

Trainer: Sean Sullivan of Cape Cod, MA "Team Sully"

Favorite Body part to train: Back and chest

Least Favorite: calves

Favorite cheat food: Anything Italian ...Oh and M&Ms

Favorite diet food Tilapia Fish and brown rice with Balsamic vinegar & splenda dressing on top

Hobbies outside BB Photography, motorcycle riding, water skiing, mountain biking (former competitor) anything athletic!

Body Building Accomplishments-

Tracy won the Women's Overall in all four Body Building Competitions in 2007, as well Best Abs and Best poser in two of the shows. Tracy Became an I.F.P.A Eligible Pro on 11/03/07. She has appeared in Muscle & Fitness magazine and will be in the upcoming Spring issue of Fitness & Physique Magazine.

11/10/07 – 2007 USBF Baltimore Pro-Am Bodybuilding Competition in Baltimore, MD

11/3/07 - 2007 OCB NYS Natural VII Bodybuilding Competition in Syracuse, NY

04/28/07 - 2007 NPC New England/Vermont All American Fitness Body Building Competition in Burlington, VT

03/31/07 - 2007 USBF Plattsburgh Pro/Amateur Body Building & Figure Competition in Plattsburgh, NY

Tracy DeBrita quarter turn pose Trachy DeBrita side chest pose

Update:Tracy     Gamelin double biceps pose

Since the initial Athlete Profile above, Tracy has claimed 2 Pro cards in both the I.F.P.A. and the U.S.B.F.

May 2008 OCB Pro Bowl Richmond Virginia Pro Bodybuilding *Pro Level

7th place

May 2008 USBF Plattsburgh NY Pro-Am Pro Bodybuilding *Pro Level

2nd Place

July 2008 OCB Yankee Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Competition Massachusetts

Competed FIGURE

1st in Master's Class

2nd in Open Short Class

Tracy DeBrita female bodybuilder


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