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Monday June 25, 2018

Mary Bell, Pro Figure Model

Mary Bell, Figure Competitor

Meet Lift for Figure Model of the Month, Mary P. Bell, an athlete who knows that the best way to deal with adversity is to plough right through it.

Mary's tenacious attitude first expressed itself as rebelliousness as the early days of her troubled youth found her dropping out of school in the seventh grade.

These were difficult days in which Mary "just hung out on the streets". She was out of control!

If plan A doesn't work, don't repeat plan A

It didn't take Mary long to realize that a seventh grade education wasn't going to get her far, and so at the age of 16, she decided to make up for lost time. Mary pursued a career as a manicurist, returned to school, and at the age of 19 bought her first house, received her high school diploma, and enrolled in a University where she eventually earned her Masters degree in Social Work.

Mary P. Bell figure pose Mary Bell USA Bikini Mary P. Bell figure model pic

Mary P. Bell lingerie pose

Reward is not without sacrifice however, and the stress of Mary's ambitious goals soon began to compromise her health, relationships, and self confidence. Breakfast often consisted of root beer and a Snickers bar as Mary tried to maintain her tight schedule. Rather than yield to the downward emotional spiral, Mary joined a local gym, determined that she would make time for fitness.

Shortly after graduation, Mary became employed as a child abuse investigator. Though she found the position to be rewarding, it was an emotional drain, as she confronted child abuse on a daily basis.

"You just feel helpless a lot of the time"

Mary's workouts began to pick up in frequency and intensity as she sought a physical means to relieve her mental stress. Each new curve, every new line of separation, each new hint of muscular definition became the evidence of a mental scar that could not defeat her. She still had stress, she still had emotional conflict, but she also had her resolve to be in control of her life.

We are, to a large degree, the architects of our own environments, and it is within our abilities to become the hero, victim, villain or conqueror in the building of our lives.

What role have you chosen?

Mary P. Bell, Trainer and Figure Competitor

Mary's first Figure Competition began with a dare three weeks prior to the event. With no experience in dieting, contest preparation or posing, Mary found herself immersed in the quick version of Contest Preparation 101. She learned quarter turns (the corner stone of all bodybuilding, figure and fitness poses) while backstage, five minuets prior to the competition. Through it all she kept her composure, through it all she maintained her confidence, through it all she kept true to herself.

"I respect and admire all athletes, from first timers to seasoned competitors. I know the dedication and time it take to compete. I truly respect a competitor that has humility and a willingness to help others."

From this abrupt and humble beginning, Mary went on to become a successful figure competitor in the WNBF, USBF and NGA sanctioning organizations, eventually winning Pro titles and National Championships.

As in all of her achievements, Mary likes to say that she wins championships the old fashion way, "she earns them"!

Adding to her busy schedule, Mary is the owner of Center Stage where she gives guidance and personal training to hopeful aspirants. Because of her drive to not only excel, but to help others in the process, Lift for Life is proud to feature Mary P. Bell as a Lift for Figure Model of the Month.

Lift for Figure Model of the Month

WNBF, USBF, & NGA Figure Pro Mary P. Bell

Are You Ready to Compete?

Photo Credit - George Legeros

Natural Bodybuilding at its Finest - Lift for


-1 #1 Admin 2010-02-16 22:43
Great story and inspirational background. Its always good to see someone turn their life around and become a positive example for others to follow.

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