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Friday April 18, 2014

The Muscle Maximizer Program

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Athlete: Kelly Lynn Nauyokas


A little about me...
I was born in Pittsburgh, pa.  I have always been a very active kid always playing outside or making up different dance routines.  Growing up, I competed in tap, jazz, ballet, and toe (point). so I love the stage. I always have been artistic as well. I had this dream of writing, producing, or editing movies, or maybe one day, become an actress.

A life changing detour...
I always wanted to become known for something positive and worthwhile, so in 1999, I decided to take a great leap into the unknown...the U.S. Marines...which taught me a lot about self motivation, dedication, and determination. I miss the whole camaraderie thing too...once a marine always a marine. Physical fitness really became a huge part of my life both in and out of the corps.

Kelly Nauyokas competition pic

Kelly Lynn

Competing and where it has taken me...
I have competed for eight years. My first show was in bodybuilding in 2000, I fell in love with it. I have competed in figure and fitness since then. I am currently a personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist in Florida. I have a real passion for life and people. my other gig is as lead video editor for  I also create websites and producing flyers and promos.  It’s always been my passion!  I love coming up with new ideas!

Injuries and health problems don't get in the way...
I have suffered some injuries as well as severe food and chemical intolerances....but I continue to keep on going and educating myself. I feel the best now physically and mentally than ever! I am a true activist in the health and fitness industry.  Stay safe, healthy, and hungry for knowledge.

Attitude is everything. Live life to the fullest!

Kelly Nauyokas

Height: 5'4
Weight: 115-127lbs
Bust: 34 - 36
Waist: 25 -26
Hips: 33 -36
Hair: Golden Blonde
Dress size: 2-6
Shoe size: 9
Eyes: Blue



Kelly Lynn
Lead Video


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