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Sunday August 31, 2014

JulieAnn Kulla banner

JulieAnn Kulla photo shoot 1

Meet Lift for Figure Model of the Month, Julie Ann Kulla. JulieAnn is one of those rare athletes whose natural grace and radiant glow in front of a camera seems almost effortless. Her toned physique and poised confidence suggest that such a figure was born to grace a stage. The truth however is that JulieAnn has paid her dues through countless hours of hard work and dedication to get to where she is today.

JulieAnn's first competition was in the fall of 2005 in which she claimed second place in "The Northern States Natural." The exhilaration of stepping on stage for the first time can be addictive, and it wasn't long before JulieAnn was turning heads at the "North Star" competition.

JulieAnn Kulla figure model

Riding on the momentum of her growing experience, JulieAnn soon found herself in the bright lights of the "Ms. Minnesota" where she earned first place in the short class. At this point, many would claim that they had accomplished what they had set out to do and move on to less demanding pursuits. But JulieAnn isn't just dedicated to the stage or addicted to the roar of applause, she is committed to fitness and her role as an inspiration to others. This is where commitment and sacrifice become one, when the goal to succeed is intended to inspire others to follow.

Lift for is honored to feature JulieAnn Kulla as a Figure Model of the Month, and wishes her the best of success in her pursuit of the upcoming Junior National title in Chicago.

To learn more about JulieAnn, check out her website at

JulieAnn Kulla glamour shot

JulieAnn Kulla

Lift for Figure Model of the Month

JulieAnn Kulla portrait

To learn more about JulieAnn, check out her website at

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