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Monday May 25, 2015

Doug & Stephanie Miller


Some people wander though life with little direction, drifting from one thing to another with no real sense of purpose. The years pass as one unremarkable day bleeds into the next as the chapters of their lives could bear the sad remark of “if only I had done,,,,,,,”, you fill in the blank.

Others embrace everything they do with a sense of urgency, lending purpose and vitality to all that they touch. So it is with our co-Models of the Month, Doug and Stephanie Miller, two athletes who truly know what it means to “Give Back”.

"Team Miller"

Stephanie Miller - Figure Model Doug and Stephanie Miller model pic Doug Miller - Professional Natural Bodybuilder

Doug & Stephanie Miller - Lift for Life Models of the Month

Doug Miller, individual bodybuilding poseDoug and Stephanie are no strangers to fitness, both carrying impressive athletic resumes which boast of numerous accomplishments.  Stephanie’s confident smile coupled with Doug’s Herculean features tells of a duo that doesn't take fitness lightly. With Pro Cards to back them up, both Doug and Stephanie are feared contenders whenever they take the stage.


With more determination than could be contained in his 5’ 9” frame, Doug excelled not only in sports, but also in academics claiming the title of Valedictorian as he graduated from Penn State University's Scheyer Honors Program with degrees in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Economics. Although Doug was “extremely focused on academics”, he felt that something was missing in his life. It was at this time that a friend introduced him to the weight room where he became “instantly hooked”. A bodybuilder at Doug’s gym took notice of him and encouraged him to consider competing. A true competitor at heart, Doug claimed the Overall Novice title in his first competition only one year after graduating from college. From there, the academic and the athlete combined as Doug learned from and built upon the experience, and went on to win a Pro Card at his second competition just fourteen months latter.

Stephanie Miller Figure Competitor

Stephanie followed a similar path, with scholarships to play both softball and basketball at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise. As Captain of the softball team, Stephanie set many records as well as winning all conference and was an all region player as pitcher as well. Completing her academic career with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Stephanie also felt the tug of her athletic side urging her to explore new areas of endurance. Already an avid weight lifter, Stephanie was inspired by her brother as he entered his first bodybuilding competition in March of 2003. Fresh with confidence after the event, he simply said “When are you going to do one Steph?”

That gentle nudge was all it took for the ever competitive Stephanie to take the plunge as she entered the same show as her brother the following August. And what an introduction to the sport it was as Stephanie walked away with the Open, Novice and Overall Figure titles, and a Pro Card to punctuate the occasion. Riding this burst of momentum, Stephanie competed in her first Pro show only 2 weeks latter claiming the title in the IFPA American States where she competed with her husband Doug.

Compassion - An Advocate for ChildrenAt this point, one might assume that Doug and Stephanie Miller have accomplished all that they have set out to do, and while this in part holds a degree of truth, both Doug and Stephanie have aspirations which cannot be achieved in the gym or encapsulated in a trophy. In fact, Doug and Stephanie would probably be the first to confess that some of life’s greatest accomplishments are not contained in what you can hold in your hand, but in what you give away. Though the fires of physical endurance are illuminated on the stage, the purest form of character is measured in what we sacrifice for others. To this end, Doug and Stephanie have sponsored a child through Compassion International, an International Relief Agency that supports children in poverty stricken areas of the world. Today, Compassion helps more that 1 million children in over 24 countries. Additionally, Team Millerthe Miller’s donate several hours each week assisting people with their own fitness program and helping them to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

Because of their commitment to Drug Free Physical Excellence and unbending dedication to others, Lift for Life is honored to name Doug and Stephanie Miller as co-Models of the Month.

Doug and Stephanie Miller logo

Doug & Stephanie Miller - Lift for Life Models of the Month

Stephanie Miller

Doug Miller


Photo Credit: Yvonne Taylor, Matt Shepley, and Benjamin Bryan

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0 #1 Mayra Plata-Perea 2011-02-17 23:51
So Happy for You Two! And Congratulations!

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