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Friday April 20, 2018

By submitting your article to Lift for Life, you ("Author") agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You confirm that every article you submit is your own article and that you have full rights to submit such articles for publication. You also confirm that you have not copied sentences or paragraphs from other sources and submitted them as your own. Plagiarism is not tolerated, and any author found plagiarizing content will have their account deleted and all content removed. NOTE: Quotations, statistics and other text elements may be freely copied from other sources as long as they are appropriately attributed. See Fair Use policies for more details.


  1. You grant Lift for Life the irrevocable right to publish, in full, the articles you submit through this program on and associated websites, provided that your Adsense ad is prominently displayed toward the top of the article body.


  1. You confirm that the information contained in your article is true to the best of your knowledge and that you will not submit knowingly false information unless it is clearly marked as satire or comedy.


  1. You confirm that you shall openly disclose any conflicts of interest with any product, service or organization you promote in your articles. You may do this by simply mentioning your role ("I am the founder of this organization...") or your relationship: ("I am an employee paid by this organization"), etc. It is important that readers are made aware of any potential conflicts of interest you may have with the topics you are covering. We still accept and publish articles with conflicts of interest as long as such conflicts are clearly disclosed to the readers so that they can decide for themselves whether to discount what you might be saying about the subject matter.


  1. You may not include affiliate links in your articles. You may include links to other sites, but they may not be affiliate merchandising links provided through programs such as or


  1. You understand that you will receive no payment whatsoever from Lift for Life, Inc. or any of its employees, officers or principals in exchange for the right to publish the articles you submit. You confirm that your sole compensation for the publication rights to such articles shall be the placement of your Adsense ad within each article published on the internet.


  1. You agree to abide by all terms and conditions of Google's Adsense programs. Specifically, you agree to NOT click on your own Adsense ad, nor to encourage friends or other persons to click on your Adsense ads. Click fraud is not tolerated, and any author engaging in click fraud will be very easily found by Google. Once we are notified of such click fraud, we will immediately terminate that author's account and remove all articles.


  1. You understand that there is no commitment or guarantee of the revenues you might earn from Google as a result of your participation in this program. Revenues are unpredictable and vary highly based on topics, website traffic and even holiday schedules. Specifically, we offer absolutely no guarantee of any earnings whatsoever. We also do not have access to your Google Adsense account, and we have no control over your earnings or payments.


  1. You agree that the articles you submit to Lift for Life for publication under this program shall be exclusive to Lift for Life for a period of at least 30 days. You agree not to publish them on other websites. After 30 days, you may publish them elsewhere.


  1. Lift for Life may, at its choice, decide to terminate your author account at any time for any reason. (This right is reserved to us to potentially deal with authors who might try to game the system in some way.) We will provide an email notice when terminating an author account. It is not our intention to terminate any author engaged in honest journalism and quality content creation.


  1. Likewise, you may choose to terminate your account at any time by deleting your article content and requesting your account be deleted. Lift for Life will remove all your articles from publication within 10 business days.


  1. Lift for Life also reserves the right to modify and update these Terms and Conditions as it sees fit.


  1. You understand that Lift for Life will place its own ads to the side and below your article content. Your Google Adsense ad, however, will occupy the prime position above your article. This sharing of physical ad space is a type of revenue share. Lift for Life may alter the layout of article pages at any time, without notice, as long as your Google Adsense ad continues to occupy a top position above the article.


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