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Friday April 20, 2018

Fitness Writers at Lift for Life

Written by Kerry Dulin
Lift for Life Fitness Writers

If you are a bodybuilding, health or fitness writer and would like to have your work featured on the fastest growing Natural Bodybuilding site on the net, then we want to hear form you. Please send your articles to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "Articles" in the subject line. Content must be well written, relevant, and void of blatant advertisements. Please note that not all submissions will be published.

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki is an amateur bodybuilder, writer, gentleman, and a guy who likes sandwiches.  (1 article)

Characters in the Gym, which one are You?

Amy Scheer

Amy Scheer -

Amy Sheer is a writer, teacher, and currently is training for her 2nd bench press competition. (1 article)

Tolstoy, Greed and My Right Shoulder

Amy Simmer C.P.T.

Amy Simmer - C.P.T.

My training philosophy: My approach is to integrate health and fitness into all aspects of my clients' lives.

My qualifications include a 2-year degree in Health Sciences, ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2001 and Certifications in Injury Management, Cardio kickboxing and Pilates. (2 articles)

Holiday Dieting

Staying Motivated

Anna Smith - NASM C.P.T.

Anna Smith is a Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), and Lifestyle Coach specializing in fat loss solutions. She is also the owner of Anna Smith Private Training, Lawrenceville, Georgia. (1 article)

5 Secrets to Perfect Eating Habits

Ben Tatar

Ben Tatar - Writer for Critical Bench, an online magazine and resource for strength increase and related material.(1 article)

Interview with Powerlifter Damian Osgood

Blake Selby

Blake Selby -  Blake Selby is a fitness enthusiast, writer, student and bodybuilder.

Burning Bodyfat

The Dark Side of Hardcore

The Perfect Workout

Bernard Guinard -  "Coach Bear" - Powerlifting coach and weight training instructor.

Dynamic Strength Training

Beverly International Articles provided by Beverly International in support of Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness

A Basic Course in Bodybuilding Nutrition

The Art of Getting Big

Brad Johnson - Psychology Major (1 article)

Freaks in Bodybuilding

Brian Wiefering 

Brian Wiefering - Trainer and owner of WieFit Team (1 article)

Getting Back in Shape at 39

Bryan Kernan - Fitness author and owner of the website Instant Muscle Gain.

How to get results from any Bodybuilding Program

Charlie Seltzer, MD 

Charlie Seltzer, MD - General Practicioner and Weight Loss Specialist.

Cardio for Busy People

Coach Charles Staley

Charles Staley -

World Class Strength and Conditioning Coach and author who has trained hundreds of Olympic and Professional athletes and written hundreds of articles. (3 articles)

10 Things you must do to have a great workout

Classic Gym Mistakes - 10 things you DON'T want to do

How Much Ya Bench? Increase it Now!

Smart Cardio for Strength, Mass & Fat Loss

The EDT Fat Loss Solution

The Hidden Power of Behavior Based Training

The Seven Behaviors of Highly Successful Athletes

Chip Conrad - Chip is a trainer in Sacramento whose philosophy of fitness sets him apart from the mainstream, and the owner of BodyTribe Fitness. (1 article)

The Truth about Abs

Chris Fernandez - Chris Fernandez is the founder and president of He is a competitive bodybuilder and certified personal trainer, and has many years of experience in the fields of bodybuilding, strength training and lifestyle and weight management. (1 article)

Shoulders, strategies for renewed growth

Christopher Mohr

Christopher Mohr - Christopher R. Mohr, PhD, RD, LDN recently finished his PhD while majoring in Exercise Physiology, at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and holds a bachelors degree in Nutrition, from Penn State University, and a master's degree in Nutrition Science from the University of Massachusetts, where he was a sports nutritionist within the Athletic Department. (1 article)

Weight loss supplement Savvy!

Craig Ballantyne - Writer, trainer and owner of CB Athletic Consulting (2 articles)

SuperSets, the good & the bad

Tips for Safe Weight Loss

Craig Yarnall

Craig Yarnall - WNBF Professional Bodybuilder and writer. (8 articles)


Natural Bodybuilding Supplement Plan

Training the Natural Way - Part 1

Training the Natural Way - Part 2

Training the Natural Way - Part 3

Training the Natural Way - The Diet

Training the Natural Way - The Workouts

Training the Natural Way - The Schedule

Dale Buchanan - ISSA and a Parrillo Certified Personal Trainer and fitness author. (2 articles)

Setting Goals

Stretch & Grow

Dave Parise C.P.T.

Dave Parise - Dave Parise is a recognized leader in the fitness industry. On the cutting edge of exercise today, Mr. Parise has been noted as one of the “Top 15 Trainers” in the United States and across Canada by the Association for Fitness Professionals, I.D.E.A (8 articles)

Dave Parise Main Page

Change the way you Think, and Change Your Life

Break-Fast / Lose Fat

Core Strength - R to the Core

Dave Parise's Nutrition Statement

Hey, where's your internal weightlifting belt?

How much water do you need to drink?

I'm Eating Less, Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Ready to Live

Toned and Lean or Skinny Fat

Top 10 Flat Belly Foods

What causes Joint Pain?

Why Blaming Exercise Won't Make You Thin

Why not Overhead Press?

Delbert Hickman

Delbert Hickman - WNBF Professional Bodybuilder, writer and trainer. (5 articles)

Bodybuilding by the Numbers

Bodybuilding Training Principles

Dieting, what I was doing wrong and how I fixed it!

My Bodybuilding Diet Philosophy

Important Competition Factors

Normally Fit

Dennis Weis

Dennis Weis - The "Yukon Hercules", writer, fitness authority, bodybuilding historian, and owner of Dennis B (1 article)

I'm Fed Up with Bodybuilding

Derek Charlebois

Derek Charlebois - Derek “The Beast” Charlebois is an ACE certified personal trainer, competitive bodybuilder, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from The  University of Michigan. (7 articles)

Anabolic Amino Acids

Bulking for Endomorphs

Cardiovascular Training for Bodybuilders

Negative Reinforcement

Taking Steroids, what could it hurt?

Train like a Beast -  Legs

Train like a Beast - Delts

Train like a Beast - Chest

Train like a Beast - Back

Dianne Villano

Dianne Villano - President of Custom Bodies Personal Training and Weight Loss Programs.  Dianne is a personal fitness instructor certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine with over 16 years of  experience who specializes in weight loss programs and programs for beginners. (1 article)

10 Tips to stay committed & consistent

Doug Daniels - Powerlifter, coach, writer for multiple publications and owner of Doug's Power Page. (2 articles)

Back Up Your Bench

Squat Tips

Dr. Joe Klemczewski

Dr. Joe Klemczewski - Dr. Joe Klemczewski is a WNBF Pro and has graduate degrees in health and nutrition. From his office in Evansville, Indiana he works with clients all over the country, including top WNBF Pros, using his online consulting program. (3 articles)

Dr Joe's Main Page

Dieting to Win

Hard Case Weight Loss - Part 1

Hard Case Weight Loss - Part 2

Peak Week - It has to be Perfect!!

The Nutritional Strategy of a World Champion

The Right Cardio Prescription to Get Shredded

Using Water to be Dry on Contest Day

Elise Howard - Author, fitness enthusiast and member of Lift for Life Forums. (1 article)

So you want to Lose Weight & Shape Up Part 1

So you want to Lose Weight & Shape Up Part 2

So you want to Lose Weight & Shape Up Part 3

Greg Landry

Greg Landry - Author and exercise physiologist, Greg Landry, M.S. also published a monthly newsletter. (2 articles)

Top 18 Benefits of Weight Training

Hormones & Exercise

Hugo Rivera C.P.T.

Hugo Rivera - Hugo Rivera is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist and Computer Engineer graduate from the University of South Florida. Hugo is owner of, an informational, free fitness and nutrition website. (1 article)

Bodybuilding Supplements for Maximum Growth

Iron Addict - Bodybuilding and strength authority and writer for various online bulletin boards. (2 articles)

The Cheapest Anabolic

How did we get so lost?

Ivan Blazquez fitness writer

Ivan Blazquez - Professional Natural Bodybuilder, MEd and BS in Exercise Physiology, University of New Orleans 
ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist
(1 articles)

The Beginners Guider to Natural Bodybuilding

James Cipriani, C.P.T.

James Cipriani - Jim is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and owner of James, an online resource for health and fitness. (2 articles)

Maximum Muscle Bodybuilding Program

Maximum Muscle Part 2

James Judd

James Judd - Fitness authority and author of the book "This is not your Father's Body". (1 article)

Protein, the Essential Nutrient

Jeff Stetton

Jeff Stetton - Experienced in personal weight loss (1 article)

Jeff's personal Weight Loss Transformation

Jeremy Likness, C.P.T.

Jeremy Likness - Jeremy is a Certified Fitness Trainer and a Specialist in Performance Nutrition. Both certifications are awarded by the International Sports Sciences Administration. These certifications, combined with his vast experience assisting clients with physique transformation, have earned him his reputation as a top International Health Coach. (3 articles)

All About Creatine - Part 1

All About Creatine - Part 2

All About Creatine - Part 3


Jeff Mines

Jeff Mines - After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, Jeff Mines embarked on a diet and exercise program that dramatically improved his health and outlook on life.

The Transformation of Jeff Mines


Dr. John Briffa

Dr. John Briffa - Dr, author, diet authority.

Low-Carb Diet Outperforms Low-Fat Diet


John Defendis, C.P.T.

John Defendis - John DeFendis is the Director of  Personal Training for Coop's Health & Fitness in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina and TNT Family Fitness in Port St. Lucie, Florida.
John is on the Board of Directors for the ISSA & IFPA. He was Awarded "Trainer of the Year" for 9 years while he was a trainer at the Congressional Gym in Washington DC. (1 article)

Lose Weight Now!

Jon Huston

Jon Huston - "I got started lifting weights when I was in high school to stay in shape for baseball season. When I got out of high school and realized I wouldn't be able to play college ball I began lifting weights to get bigger and improve the way I felt about myself. (2 articles)

12 Week Contest Preparation

Building a Better Chest

Combining HIT & Volume Training

Crash Course - 12 Week Pre-Contest Prep Guide

Double Your Results - the Arms

Double Your Results - the Quads

Josh Dickinson

Josh Dickinson - Bodybuilding competitor, authority, writer and owner of the website Physique Essentials. (1 article)

Accepting Natural Bodybuilding as a Legitimate Sport

Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson - Bodybuilding authority, writer and owner of the website Natural Bodybuilding News. (2 articles)

Interview with WNBF World Champion Jon Harris Part 1

Part 2

Karen Hunt

Karen Hunt - Children's Author, Illustrator, Martial Artist and Educator

 (2 articles)

Drugging Our Children to Death - Part 1

Drugging Our Children to Death - Part 2

Keats Snideman - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a licensed massage therapist specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). (3 articles)

5 Tips to Design an Effective Sprint Program

Periodization Training for Bodybuilders - Part 1

Periodization Training for Bodybuilders - Part 2

Kerry Dulin

Kerry Dulin - Writer, competitor and considered by many to be a Training and Nutrition Guru, Kerry Dulin is the webmaster of Lift for, Bodybuilding Competition and Ripped

Bigger Biceps for Beginners


Burn Out Sets

Bodybuilding Competition Guide

Expect Pain

Do you know where your Abs are?

Fat People, Modern Medicine Loves a Victim!

Getting the most from your Home Gym Equipment

Global Warming Fact / Fiction?

Iron Heart - Interview with Brian Boyle

The Physics of Bodybuilding

Meet the Webmasters

Pyramid Power

Shut Up And Grow!

Soft Goals / Hard Goals

The Best Supplement

The Dreaded Plateau

The Government Gym

The History of Bodybuilding

The Sixth Sense

What Drives You?

What is "Natural Bodybuilding"

Ripped Abs

Web Based Community Study

Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker - Drug free bodybuilder, competitor, and certified "gym rat". (1 article)

Behind every Big "X", is a Strong "Y"

Lauren Brooks, C.P.T.

Lauren Brooks - Lauren Brooks is a fitness and strength trainer in San Diego, CA. Lauren earned her B.S. in Kinesiology with an Emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health from San Diego State University. Lauren is also certified as a Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise. (1 article)

A Fat Loss program for those who don't know where to begin

Laurie Sperandio, Fitness Writer 

Laurie Goldsmith Sperandio - Laurie Sperandio is a personal trainer, fitness and wieght loss coach who also specializes in Reiki and nutritional advice. (1 article)

Fit after Fifty - All Gain, No Pain

Linda Cusmano, C.P.T.

Linda Cusmano - Linda has been personal training for over 10 years, working with individuals toward health risk reduction, fat loss, body shaping, strength conditioning, post rehabilitation, sports specific, meal planning, and overall lifestyle change. (1 article)

Fitness Fortitude

Lynn Grieger

Lynn Grieger - Lynn teaches college-level nutrition courses and works with private clients on healthy nutrition and weight loss. She consults with community groups including the local Head Start and senior citizens' center on menu planning and education. (1 article)

Triumph over Snack Attacks

MacLeod - Former Powerlifter and member of Lift for Life Forums. (1 article)

My Powerlifting Philosophy

Mandy Gibbons - Fitness authority, personal trainer, and writer for the online fitness Virtual Fitness Trainer. (1 article)

Abdominals - The Truth

Marc Lobliner

Marc Lobliner - Mark Lobliner is a writer for and a competitive athlete. (1 article)

How to be lean and live large

Maria Kang

Maria Kang - Fitness authority, model, competitor and inspirational writer.

(2 articles)

101 Ways to Motivate Yourself

30 Tips to Attract a Gym Bunny

Accelerate Your Goals with S.P.E.E.D.

The Psychology of Success

Mark Sherwood - An avid trainer and fitness enthusiast who studied exercise and fitness in college and has been weight training for over 25 years.  (1 article)

Strategic Variable Training

MaryAnn Meyer

MaryAnn Meyer - Weight loss authority by virtue of personal experience. "I have battled with my weight all of my life, even as a child. Being fit has never come easily for me if at all and I can honestly say at 32 years of age I am now in the best shape of my life. " (1 article)

The Transformation of MaryAnn Meyer

Matt Shepley

Matt Shepley - Matt Shepley is a natural bodybuilder, photographer, and bodybuilding/fitness contest promoter. He has contributed articles and photos to numerous health & fitness magazines. (1 article)

Calf Training for Maximum Results

Melanie Owen

Melanie Owen - Melanie Owen is a Fitness Consultant for Forever Fit LLC

Breathing for Better Health

Dr. Mercola,, The Worlds Most Popular Natural Health Newsletter  - The World's most popular natural health newsletter. Articles selected for content and used with consent.

12 Food Additives to Remove From Your Diet

5 Amazing Holes

How to do what you have to do, even when you don't feel like doing it.

Who Knew Preventing Kidney Stones was this Easy

Michael Lipowski

Michael Lipowski CFT - Michael Lipowski is a writer for Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine, as well as a competitive natural bodybuilder and IART Certified Fitness Clinician.  He also holds a degree in Physical Education from Ohio Wesleyan University.

The Repetition Range Selection Process

Time for More Muscle

Michael Phillips - European writer and friend of the late Mike Williams.

Tribute to European and World Bodybuilding Champion Mike Williams

Old Dawg logo

Michael Sztym, "Old Dawg: -

"Old Dawg" is an experience weight trainer, powerlifter, writer and member of Lift for Life Forums (3 articles)

Staying Natural - What a Bodybuilder must consider before using Steroids

Resistance Training vs. Weight Training

Somatotypes - Understanding Your Body Type

The Comeback, before you begin again

The Price You Pay

Mike Mahler, Strength Coach

Mike Mahler - Mike Mahler is a strength coach and Senior RKC based in Santa Monica, Ca. He is also the author of the DVD "Mahler's Aggressive Strength For MMA." (3 articles)

5 Step Healthy Life Program

Blast Your Mass with German Volume Kettlebell Training

Burn Fat Like A Blow Torch

Condense Time and become Bigger and Stronger Faster

The Compound Solution for Small Arms

The Golden Path

Mitch McGill - B.S. Medical Technology/Chemistry - University of Missouri, Kansas City, Natural Bodybuilder (1 article)

Dangerous Fats

Myron Mielke

Myron Mielke - Bodybuilder - Trainer - Gym Owner and owner of I A (1 article)

Steroid Temptations

News Target

Natural News - An online resource for cutting edge alternative health information. Up to date articles, news and health information that the popular media refuses to address. (11 articles)

Five Cups and More of Green Tea Billed as Best Defense from Cancer, Says Japanese Research


Antidepressant Scam

Direct Democracy - Why Americans Must Disband Congress

Drinking Cola can lead to Muscle Weakness & Bone Loss

Greatest Health Risk is Lack of Exercise

How to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Is Essiac Tea a Cure for Cancer?

Lawlessness of the FDA

Medication Errors

"Miracle" weight loss drug Alli delivers more than bargained for.

Nutrition: A New Paradigm in Pain Relief is Here

Omega 3's from Fish Oil Protect Against Prostate Cancer

Protein Shake for Breakfast

Red Rice Yeast Lowers Cholesterol

Road Rage - Has the Psychological community gone mad?

Reduce the symptoms of ADD, ADHD and bipolar disorder in children with Omega-3

Research shows the Effectiveness of Hypnosis

The ADHD Hoax

The Myth of Modern Medicine

Unhealthy Medicines

What's behind the Hydroxycut Recall?

Nick Casale

Nick Casale, L.C., C.P.T. -

Nick Casale is a Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and owner of Creative Common Sense (1 article)

Hey, no Grunting in the Gym!

Turning the Short Haul into the Long Haul

Pauline Nordin, IFBB Figure Pro

Pauline Nordin - Pauline Nordin is a IFBB Fitness Figure Professional, personal trainer, model and writer. (1 article)

Fat Loss Tips for Women

Phano Som

Phano Paul Som - Phano Som is a champion competitive bodybuilder, athlete and freelance writer (8 articles)

10 Quick Tips for Building Muscle

A Simple Formula for Gaining Mass

Building an Extraordinary Back

Carb Cycling to Maximize Fat Loss

Cycling Supplements

Cycle Your Training Program

Eating Intelligently for Mass

How to add 40 lbs to your bench press in as little as 21 days

Intensity - Are you training with enough?

Recovering from Shoulder Bursitis and Tendonitis

S.H.I.T. Training

Shock Your Muscles to Stimulate New Growth

Coach Rich Butkevic

Rich Butkevic - Coach Rich  is the owner of, a Certified Personal Trainer by the ISSA, a nationally recognized fitness author, and triathlete.  He trains individuals of all levels utilizing a method that centers on efficiency, functionality, and simplicity. (2 articles)

Interval Training and what makes a Serious Athlete

Starting your Diet Over

The Heart Rate Handbook

Rich Daniels, C.P.T.

Rich Daniels - Rich is a personal trainer, writer, powerlifting competitor and model. (1 article)

How to Train for Power & Definition

Ryan Swan

Ryan Swan - Ryan Graduated with a BS in Human Kinetics from St. Francis Xavier in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. Always thirsty for knowledge, Ryan returned and graduated with his second degree in Human Nutrition.

Eating for Mass - Guide to Lean Muscle Mass

Everything you need to know about Carbohydrates

Everything you need to know about Protein

Spice Up Your Workout - 9 training tips to help you get the most out of your workout!

Samantha Schobel

Samantha Schobel - Extreme weight loss(1 article)

The Transformation of Samantha Schobel

Sarah E. Ripple - BS, CPT (1 article)

Changing Negatives into Positives

Scott "Old Navy" Hults

Scott Hults - Scott "Old Navy" Hults is an experienced bodybuilding competitor with numerous natural titles in his age group. (2 article)

Training for your first competition at any age

Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark - I am a graduate of the University of Alberta's Bachelor of Physical Education program, specializing in Sports Performance and am also a certified personal trainer living in Edmonton, Alberta. (3 articles)

Competing in a Running Race - Tips to maximize your performance

Eating Disorders, what you need to know!

Getting in Contest Shape - part 1

Healthy BBQ, 6 Ideas for a Healthy Muscle Building Barbecue

Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

Protein Powder, it's not just for Shakes

Stephanie Althea

Stephanie Althea - Writer and personal weight loss expert. (1 article)

The Weight Loss Transformation of Stephanie Althea

Steven Thompson

Steven Thompson - Steven Thompson is a Personal Trainer, Professional Motocross Racer, Competitive Bodybuilder, and owner of a Health & Nutrition store in Colorado Springs. (1 article)

The Art of Nutrition

The Art of Nutrition Part 2

Tamir Katz - Trainer, writer and owner of TBK Fitness, an online resource for exercise, health and fitness information. (1 article)

Bodyweight Exercise vs Free Weight vs Machines

Thavius Nelson - Fitness Writer

Thavius Nelson - Thavius is natural bodybuilder who lives in Austell Ga. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he helped the Badger track team to consecutive Triple Crown Titles(1 article)

Dynamic Leg Training - "In spite of Injury"

Tim Day

Tim Day - Personal Trainer, Radio Personality and Writer (1 article)

Willpower Or Will Power

Will Brink

Will Brink - Will is a training and nutrition authority who writes for several major exercise and fitness publications as well as his own online consulting business. (11 articles)

Brinks Unified Theory of Nutrition

Creatine, more than just a sports supplement

Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow

It's in your Blood - Optimal Hormone Levels

Joint Troubles

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition, it's all in the timing

Simple weight loss tips that no one follows - but should

Soy Protein for Bodybuilders?

The Nutritional Supplement Shell Game

The Whey to Weight Loss


Against Biologic Psychiatry - David Kaiser M.D.

Drug test for Florida High School Athletes - Associated Press

Making a Killing - The Deception of Psychiatry - Fred A. Baughman Jr., M.D.,  and B. K. Eakman

Letter of Resignation from the American Psychiatric Association - Loren R. Mosher M.D.

How to Lose Weight

Posing Rounds


Yumon Eaton

Yumon Eaton - Competitive Natural Bodybuilder and Powerlifter. (1 article)

A Day in the Life of a Competitive Bodybuilder

My Modified HIT Training Program

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