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Thursday January 29, 2015

Muscle Building and Fitness

change protein powder

Thinking about changing your protein powder?

in Muscle Building
Considering Changing Your Protein Powder? You probably just assume that protein powder is beneficial, right? I’m not the one to tell you that it’s not, but which product are you currently using? Whey protein? That’s what I thought. A study showed that 97% of…
Working out and not building muscle? This may be why.

5 Reasons You Aren't Building Muscle

in Muscle Building
Working out but not building muscle? This may be why. If you’ve just recently decided to put yourself on a muscle building program but are not yet seeing the results that you had thought you would be, you may be scratching your head and wondering what’s going…
Bodybuilding model Bill Simpson

Strength Training for Muscle Mass

Strength Training: Key to Weight Gain and Muscle building There are three variables that are required to define the term workout: Volume, Intensity and Weight. One can't define the exact stats of how…
5 Mistakes People Make while Bulking

Avoid these 5 Common Bulking Mistakes

5 Simple mistakes people make while bulking Leading a healthy lifestyle is no easy accomplishment in the modern world, as we live a markedly different lifestyle from that of our hunter-gatherer…
big muscle on a small budget

You can still get BIG on a Tight Budget

How to Build Muscle on a Tight Budget At the start of 2013 my long term partner and I split up and she moved out the house. This meant that things were going to be a lot tighter for me financially…
Easy post workout shake ideas

Building Bulk: Five Easy and Killer Post-Workout Shakes

Building Bulk: Five Easy and Killer Post-Workout Shakes Editors note: The emphasis of this article is quick, easy and nutritious protein packed shakes for post workout recovery. These post workout…
A Great Workout starts with a Great Warm Up

A great workout starts with a great warm up

A great workout starts with a great warm up There a few different types of people when it comes to warm ups before strength training. There’s the guys who walk into the gym off the street and just…
How to get fit on a budget

How to get fit on a budget

How to get fit on a budget You don’t need a gym membership to get fit The fitness market is like any market, a place where capitalist conglomerates sell products that consumers want, not need. So…
3 steps to a six pack

Three-fold attack for Six Pack Abs

Three-fold attack for a six-pack One of the many things gym goers up and down the country still fail to grasp is how to attain that holy grail of aesthetic perfection – the elusive six-pack, or in…
Why aren't you gaining muscle?

6 Reasons Why You're Not Building Muscle

6 Reasons Why You're Not Building Muscle Increasing strength and adding muscle mass is the most common fitness goal besides losing weight. But quite often, many guys (and gals) in the gym are not…
easy strength training tips for beginners

Strength Training for Beginners

Just Do It: 6 Easy-to-Implement Tips When Starting Strength Training So, you’ve decided to finally begin working on a lift routine? You’ve got your weights in your hand, and you’re ready to go – or…
Training splits for bigger muscles

Best Training Split for Bigger Muscles

A training split is the term given for the weekly routine a weight lifter sticks to, in terms of which muscles they'll work together in a session and which day to work them. We will discuss two…
How much protein for maximum muscle  building effect

Shocking Study: 20 grams of protein for maximum muscle benefit

For years I have advised bodybuilding and strength athletes to consume about 1 ½ grams of protein per lb of bodyweight per day. Typically this is divided into servings with roughly 40 grams each.…
What is German Volume Training

German Volume Training for Bigger Muscles

German volume training was first introduced by Germany and made extremely popular through Rolf Feser, the former head coach of weightlifting there. Vince Gironda, one of the smartest bodybuilders…
Rich Froning - CrossFit Champion

How Does the Fittest Person in the World Train?

To answer that question, you first have to buy-in to what it means to be fit. Fitness can be defined in various ways, but most would agree that good overall fitness is usually indicated by an…
fitness with family

Body-weight Exercises for Busy Parents

Your average parent seldom has enough “me time” to just relax a bit with their significant other, let alone devoting themselves to an exercise regime, weight loss program or having a personal trainer…
Natural Bodybuilder Ivan Blazquez Most Muscular Pose

Optimizing Chest Development Through Pectoral Angular Science

Optimizing Chest Development Through Pectoral Angular Science By Ivan Blazquez, M.Ed, B.S., ACSM, NGA/IFPA Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Triathlete Introduction When it comes to achieving optimal pectoral…
Building Strength and Endurance

Change up your Workout Routine to Build Strength and Endurance

Simply being more active, whether it’s through an aerobic exercise or through strength training, can build up your endurance. When someone is just beginning to build endurance, it’s a matter of…
Bodybuilding Supplements for Maximum Muscle

Building Maximum Muscle – Supplementation

Anabolic Surge Series: Building Maximum Muscle – Supplementation by Jim Brewster There’s always some debate when it comes to supplements. Do they work? Do you really need them? Proper…
Maximum Muscle Nutrition

Building Maximum Muscle Nutrition

images/muscle-building-nutrition.jpg Building Maximum Muscle - Nutrition By Jim Brewster - Part 3 of The Anabolic Surge Series: When it comes to getting the best results, the correct timing and…
Ivan Blazquez doing Preacher Curls

High-Intensity Interval Training: Less is More

High-Intensity Interval Training: Less is More By Ivan Blazquez, M.Ed, B.S., ACSM, NGA Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Triathlete Introduction Weight loss, in particular, fat loss is a very common goal…
Anabolic Workouts

The Anabolic Surge Series - The Workouts

The Anabolic Surge Series-Building Maximum Muscle Part 2: the Workouts by Jim Brewster Training Frequency, Set Totals and Recovery Anyone who's ever read any of my articles knows how much I talk…
Maximum Muscle Building Part 1

The Anabolic Surge Series – Building Maximum Muscle

This article is part 1 of a 4 part series which will cover all aspectes of Muscle Building from diet to workout. Be sure to read them all! Pretty much anyone who's ever picked up a weight has done so…
Surfing is a Great Workout

Surfing – The Ultimate Upper-body Workout

As the summer approaches, we’re all looking for ways to keep up our training, without spending hour after hour in a gym. There’s nothing worse than sitting on an indoor bicycle at the gym or running…
Top 5 Exercises for Joint Pain

Top 5 Exercises for Joint Pain

When struggling with joint pain, the last thing most people think would provide relief is exercise. In fact, many individuals feel that exercises for joint pain would actually exaggerate the problem,…
Walking at a brisk pace may increase your longevity

How to get Healthier Every Time You Walk

Did you know that the way in which you walk is indicative of longevity? This is according to The Journal of the American Medical Association’s January 2011 issue. The conclusion was arrived at after…
Men's Fitness Myths

The Top 5 Men’s Fitness Myths

The Top 5 Men’s Fitness Myths Ever since the first caveman lifted a boulder to obtain a ripped six-pack, men have tried almost anything to achieve the ideal sculpted body. Time passed, and several…
Improve Your Running Stamina

Improve Your Running Stamina

Improving your stamina is of utmost importance if you want to get the maximum out of your training sessions and still enjoy the workout. Good stamina is key to athletic performance and excellent…
chest workout for men

The Monday Morning Man’s Chest Routine

It’s mid-January and you know what that means - every woman on planet earth has limited her menu to lima beans, white rice and non-fat milk. Because after all, it is Resolution Season. But not you.…

mTOR - Key Protein in Muscle Building

(NaturalNews) The latest science has proven that a special protein called mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) holds the key to muscle building and rejuvenation. Dysregulation in mTOR pathway leads…
How to start a running program when you are overweight

2 Steps to Start a Running Program as an Overweight Person

Beginning a running program as an overweight person can be tricky. In fact not all people should run—even if they like to do so. Running is a cardiovascular exercise per excellence and require lots…
Finding the Right Personal Trainer

Finding the Right Fitness Trainer

Although one of the most common reasons people turn to personal trainers for assistance is because they’re beginning an unfamiliar workout program, hiring a personal trainer can help you meet your…
Get maximum effect from your kettlebell fitness program

Kettlebell Fitness

If you haven’t yet caught on to the Kettlebell craze for your fitness regime, you’re missing out. Despite the odd name, Kettlebells have nothing in common with either coffee or churches, but rather…
Paramount Posterior - by Kellie Davis

3 Surefire Ways to Build a Paramount Posterior

3 Surefire Ways to Build a Paramount Posterior Nothing promotes self-esteem better than a rounded, rock-solid pair of glutes, but are you doing the right things to get them? You eat all your peas and…
Ivan Blazquez - Metabolic Cross-Fit Training

Metabolic Cross-Fit Training

As a professional natural bodybuilder, my training approach is nothing short of intense. Now while I focus more on weekly consistency, I will have 1-2 workouts that are insanely intense and are…
The different types of repetitions in a workout

The Repetition - The Best Rep for the Best Results

The Repetition - How to Preform The Best Rep for the Best Results It's easy to focus on advanced training principles but it's just as easy to look past the basics. This is something I see all the…
Get Super Ripped with Super Sets

Get Super Ripped with Super Sets

In a recent workout, I realized that super-sets are common to many, but the manner and context in which they are performed can be different, thereby leading to different results. I recently performed…
Yes, you can get a good workout using exercise bands

Amazing Workout with Bands

I use bands all the time and get an amazing workout. The diversity of exercises you can do with one or a few sets of bands is absolutely incredible and all you need as a little space and a few solid…
how to get back into running again

How to Get Back into a Running Program

images/running-program.pngHow to Get Back into a Running Program Many of us have running in our history. In fact, we often refer to it as something that we "used to do regularly", rain or shine. What…
How to use incline and decline treadmill to build muscle

How Treadmills Can Help Build Muscles

The reason why most people start running is to build muscles. I myself started running to reach this exact target. At the beginning, I used to run on flat surfaces in the park. Soon after, I started…
Five Reasons Looking in the Mirror is Destroying Your Fitness and Physique

Mirror Muscles - Five Reasons Looking in the Mirror is Destroying Your Fitness and Physique

Are the mirrors in the gym actually hurting your workout? Why are there so many mirrors in the gym anyway? Find out the 5 reasons why mirrors may be ruining your workouts.
Accelerate Fat-Loss with Antagonistic Muscle Group Post-RT Cardio

Accelerate Fat-Loss with Antagonistic Muscle Group Post-RT Cardio

Most people know to perform cardio after weights, however, did the mode of cardio ever cross one's mind as being a potential additional factor in one's fat loss goals?,,, All in all, this new…
Drops Sets - by Jim Brewster

Drop Sets

Drop set can be done with barbells, dumbbells or machines. You set up 3 progressively lighter bars/dumbbells or use the machine's weight stack pin, take your first working set after warm-ups to a…
Proven Ways to Flatten Your Belly

Whittle Down Your Waist: Proven Ways to Flatten Your Belly

My approach to whittling the waist is simple and is just that, to decrease the circumference of the waist. This I have found is actually easier than getting a 6-pack. While the 6-pack is a nice thing…
How to get a Six Pack

How to develop a Six Pack

You should ask yourself why you are willing to spend hours doing cardio, perform multiple sets and reps in the weight room, and participate in every kind of group exercise in the world, but not spend…
Go from Regular to Ripped

How to Go From Regular to Ripped

This article will teach the fundamentals of getting cut and ripped. ,,,, the main idea is to get one to lose bodyfat while sustaining and building lean and hard muscle. I have always believed that…
Bringing Up Your Biceps - By Jim Brewster

Bring Up Your Biceps

What's the first muscle people want to develop when they start training? Some might say the chest or even the lats but my money has to be on the biceps! It's not the biggest upper arm muscle and in…
The Rest-Pause High Intensity Workout Program

Rest Pause Workout Technique

Of all the intensity techniques out there, I have two favorites: drop sets and rest pause. Drops are a lot of fun and can take a normal set and turn it into a brutal one but they have one major…
Uses of a Power Rack and Exercises that you should be doing

Unique Movements

Unique Movements, the Uses of a Power Rack and Exercises you Should be Doing! by Jim Brewster
Extended Set Workout Techniques

Extended Set Techniques

The concept of progressive overload is one of the most important in bodybuilding. There are different types of progression – the most basic is to add weight to the bar when you can hit a certain…
Are bodybuilding supplements a waste of money?

Supplements - The Great Evil?

Lately, it seems like supplements are coming under attack from all sides. Just this morning, I listened to a video from an “expert” about ab training who made ridiculous comments about how dangerous…
How to bring up a weak chest

Bring Up Your Chest

Excellent Muscle Building Chest Workout: The chest may seem simple, but in reality it is a large, complicated area. When training the chest, you have to insure complete development: overall chest…

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