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Saturday April 30, 2016


Muscle Building and Fitness

garage gym on a budget

Garage Gym on a Budget

in Muscle Building
Equipment Needed for a Garage Gym on a Budget Building a gym in your garage doesn't have to break your bank. With some shopping frugality you can put together an at home gym that will last for 10 years at the cost of a 1 year gym membership. The first thing…
Can the 7 Minute Workout App really replace a Full Workout?

The 7 Minute Workout App - Can it Really Replace a Full Workout?

in Muscle Building
Can a 7 Minute Workout App Really Replace a Full Workout? When I got a new phone recently I figured I’d try out some of the new fitness apps. Why not try to use technology to make my workouts easier, right? The one app that stuck out to me was this 7 minute…
change protein powder

Thinking about changing your protein powder?

Considering Changing Your Protein Powder? You probably just assume that protein powder is beneficial, right? I’m not the one to tell you that it’s not, but which product are you currently using? Whey…
Working out and not building muscle? This may be why.

5 Reasons You Aren't Building Muscle

Working out but not building muscle? This may be why. If you’ve just recently decided to put yourself on a muscle building program but are not yet seeing the results that you had thought you would…
Bodybuilding model Bill Simpson

Strength Training for Muscle Mass

Strength Training: Key to Weight Gain and Muscle building There are three variables that are required to define the term workout: Volume, Intensity and Weight. One can't define the exact stats of how…
5 Mistakes People Make while Bulking

Avoid these 5 Common Bulking Mistakes

5 Simple mistakes people make while bulking Leading a healthy lifestyle is no easy accomplishment in the modern world, as we live a markedly different lifestyle from that of our hunter-gatherer…
big muscle on a small budget

You can still get BIG on a Tight Budget

How to Build Muscle on a Tight Budget At the start of 2013 my long term partner and I split up and she moved out the house. This meant that things were going to be a lot tighter for me financially…
Easy post workout shake ideas

Building Bulk: Five Easy and Killer Post-Workout Shakes

Building Bulk: Five Easy and Killer Post-Workout Shakes Editors note: The emphasis of this article is quick, easy and nutritious protein packed shakes for post workout recovery. These post workout…
A Great Workout starts with a Great Warm Up

A great workout starts with a great warm up

A great workout starts with a great warm up There a few different types of people when it comes to warm ups before strength training. There’s the guys who walk into the gym off the street and just…
How to get fit on a budget

How to get fit on a budget

How to get fit on a budget You don’t need a gym membership to get fit The fitness market is like any market, a place where capitalist conglomerates sell products that consumers want, not need. So…
3 steps to a six pack

Three-fold attack for Six Pack Abs

Three-fold attack for a six-pack One of the many things gym goers up and down the country still fail to grasp is how to attain that holy grail of aesthetic perfection – the elusive six-pack, or in…
Why aren't you gaining muscle?

6 Reasons Why You're Not Building Muscle

6 Reasons Why You're Not Building Muscle Increasing strength and adding muscle mass is the most common fitness goal besides losing weight. But quite often, many guys (and gals) in the gym are not…
easy strength training tips for beginners

Strength Training for Beginners

Just Do It: 6 Easy-to-Implement Tips When Starting Strength Training So, you’ve decided to finally begin working on a lift routine? You’ve got your weights in your hand, and you’re ready to go – or…
Training splits for bigger muscles

Best Training Split for Bigger Muscles

A training split is the term given for the weekly routine a weight lifter sticks to, in terms of which muscles they'll work together in a session and which day to work them. We will discuss two…
How much protein for maximum muscle  building effect

Shocking Study: 20 grams of protein for maximum muscle benefit

For years I have advised bodybuilding and strength athletes to consume about 1 ½ grams of protein per lb of bodyweight per day. Typically this is divided into servings with roughly 40 grams each.…
What is German Volume Training

German Volume Training for Bigger Muscles

German volume training was first introduced by Germany and made extremely popular through Rolf Feser, the former head coach of weightlifting there. Vince Gironda, one of the smartest bodybuilders…
Rich Froning - CrossFit Champion

How Does the Fittest Person in the World Train?

To answer that question, you first have to buy-in to what it means to be fit. Fitness can be defined in various ways, but most would agree that good overall fitness is usually indicated by an…
fitness with family

Body-weight Exercises for Busy Parents

Your average parent seldom has enough “me time” to just relax a bit with their significant other, let alone devoting themselves to an exercise regime, weight loss program or having a personal trainer…
Natural Bodybuilder Ivan Blazquez Most Muscular Pose

Optimizing Chest Development Through Pectoral Angular Science

Optimizing Chest Development Through Pectoral Angular Science By Ivan Blazquez, M.Ed, B.S., ACSM, NGA/IFPA Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Triathlete Introduction When it comes to achieving optimal pectoral…
Building Strength and Endurance

Change up your Workout Routine to Build Strength and Endurance

Simply being more active, whether it’s through an aerobic exercise or through strength training, can build up your endurance. When someone is just beginning to build endurance, it’s a matter of…
Bodybuilding Supplements for Maximum Muscle

Building Maximum Muscle – Supplementation

Anabolic Surge Series: Building Maximum Muscle – Supplementation by Jim Brewster There’s always some debate when it comes to supplements. Do they work? Do you really need them? Proper…
Maximum Muscle Nutrition

Building Maximum Muscle Nutrition

images/muscle-building-nutrition.jpg Building Maximum Muscle - Nutrition By Jim Brewster - Part 3 of The Anabolic Surge Series: When it comes to getting the best results, the correct timing and…
Ivan Blazquez doing Preacher Curls

High-Intensity Interval Training: Less is More

High-Intensity Interval Training: Less is More By Ivan Blazquez, M.Ed, B.S., ACSM, NGA Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Triathlete Introduction Weight loss, in particular, fat loss is a very common goal…
Anabolic Workouts

The Anabolic Surge Series - The Workouts

The Anabolic Surge Series-Building Maximum Muscle Part 2: the Workouts by Jim Brewster Training Frequency, Set Totals and Recovery Anyone who's ever read any of my articles knows how much I talk…
Maximum Muscle Building Part 1

The Anabolic Surge Series – Building Maximum Muscle

This article is part 1 of a 4 part series which will cover all aspectes of Muscle Building from diet to workout. Be sure to read them all! Pretty much anyone who's ever picked up a weight has done so…
Surfing is a Great Workout

Surfing – The Ultimate Upper-body Workout

As the summer approaches, we’re all looking for ways to keep up our training, without spending hour after hour in a gym. There’s nothing worse than sitting on an indoor bicycle at the gym or running…
Top 5 Exercises for Joint Pain

Top 5 Exercises for Joint Pain

When struggling with joint pain, the last thing most people think would provide relief is exercise. In fact, many individuals feel that exercises for joint pain would actually exaggerate the problem,…
Walking at a brisk pace may increase your longevity

How to get Healthier Every Time You Walk

Did you know that the way in which you walk is indicative of longevity? This is according to The Journal of the American Medical Association’s January 2011 issue. The conclusion was arrived at after…
Men's Fitness Myths

The Top 5 Men’s Fitness Myths

The Top 5 Men’s Fitness Myths Ever since the first caveman lifted a boulder to obtain a ripped six-pack, men have tried almost anything to achieve the ideal sculpted body. Time passed, and several…
Improve Your Running Stamina

Improve Your Running Stamina

Improving your stamina is of utmost importance if you want to get the maximum out of your training sessions and still enjoy the workout. Good stamina is key to athletic performance and excellent…
chest workout for men

The Monday Morning Man’s Chest Routine

It’s mid-January and you know what that means - every woman on planet earth has limited her menu to lima beans, white rice and non-fat milk. Because after all, it is Resolution Season. But not you.…

mTOR - Key Protein in Muscle Building

(NaturalNews) The latest science has proven that a special protein called mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) holds the key to muscle building and rejuvenation. Dysregulation in mTOR pathway leads…
How to start a running program when you are overweight

2 Steps to Start a Running Program as an Overweight Person

Beginning a running program as an overweight person can be tricky. In fact not all people should run—even if they like to do so. Running is a cardiovascular exercise per excellence and require lots…
Finding the Right Personal Trainer

Finding the Right Fitness Trainer

Although one of the most common reasons people turn to personal trainers for assistance is because they’re beginning an unfamiliar workout program, hiring a personal trainer can help you meet your…
Get maximum effect from your kettlebell fitness program

Kettlebell Fitness

If you haven’t yet caught on to the Kettlebell craze for your fitness regime, you’re missing out. Despite the odd name, Kettlebells have nothing in common with either coffee or churches, but rather…
Paramount Posterior - by Kellie Davis

3 Surefire Ways to Build a Paramount Posterior

3 Surefire Ways to Build a Paramount Posterior Nothing promotes self-esteem better than a rounded, rock-solid pair of glutes, but are you doing the right things to get them? You eat all your peas and…
Ivan Blazquez - Metabolic Cross-Fit Training

Metabolic Cross-Fit Training

As a professional natural bodybuilder, my training approach is nothing short of intense. Now while I focus more on weekly consistency, I will have 1-2 workouts that are insanely intense and are…
The different types of repetitions in a workout

The Repetition - The Best Rep for the Best Results

The Repetition - How to Preform The Best Rep for the Best Results It's easy to focus on advanced training principles but it's just as easy to look past the basics. This is something I see all the…
Get Super Ripped with Super Sets

Get Super Ripped with Super Sets

In a recent workout, I realized that super-sets are common to many, but the manner and context in which they are performed can be different, thereby leading to different results. I recently performed…
Yes, you can get a good workout using exercise bands

Amazing Workout with Bands

I use bands all the time and get an amazing workout. The diversity of exercises you can do with one or a few sets of bands is absolutely incredible and all you need as a little space and a few solid…
how to get back into running again

How to Get Back into a Running Program

images/running-program.pngHow to Get Back into a Running Program Many of us have running in our history. In fact, we often refer to it as something that we "used to do regularly", rain or shine. What…
How to use incline and decline treadmill to build muscle

How Treadmills Can Help Build Muscles

The reason why most people start running is to build muscles. I myself started running to reach this exact target. At the beginning, I used to run on flat surfaces in the park. Soon after, I started…
Five Reasons Looking in the Mirror is Destroying Your Fitness and Physique

Mirror Muscles - Five Reasons Looking in the Mirror is Destroying Your Fitness and Physique

Are the mirrors in the gym actually hurting your workout? Why are there so many mirrors in the gym anyway? Find out the 5 reasons why mirrors may be ruining your workouts.
Accelerate Fat-Loss with Antagonistic Muscle Group Post-RT Cardio

Accelerate Fat-Loss with Antagonistic Muscle Group Post-RT Cardio

Most people know to perform cardio after weights, however, did the mode of cardio ever cross one's mind as being a potential additional factor in one's fat loss goals?,,, All in all, this new…
Drops Sets - by Jim Brewster

Drop Sets

Drop set can be done with barbells, dumbbells or machines. You set up 3 progressively lighter bars/dumbbells or use the machine's weight stack pin, take your first working set after warm-ups to a…
Proven Ways to Flatten Your Belly

Whittle Down Your Waist: Proven Ways to Flatten Your Belly

My approach to whittling the waist is simple and is just that, to decrease the circumference of the waist. This I have found is actually easier than getting a 6-pack. While the 6-pack is a nice thing…
How to get a Six Pack

How to develop a Six Pack

You should ask yourself why you are willing to spend hours doing cardio, perform multiple sets and reps in the weight room, and participate in every kind of group exercise in the world, but not spend…
Go from Regular to Ripped

How to Go From Regular to Ripped

This article will teach the fundamentals of getting cut and ripped. ,,,, the main idea is to get one to lose bodyfat while sustaining and building lean and hard muscle. I have always believed that…
Bringing Up Your Biceps - By Jim Brewster

Bring Up Your Biceps

What's the first muscle people want to develop when they start training? Some might say the chest or even the lats but my money has to be on the biceps! It's not the biggest upper arm muscle and in…
The Rest-Pause High Intensity Workout Program

Rest Pause Workout Technique

Of all the intensity techniques out there, I have two favorites: drop sets and rest pause. Drops are a lot of fun and can take a normal set and turn it into a brutal one but they have one major…
Uses of a Power Rack and Exercises that you should be doing

Unique Movements

Unique Movements, the Uses of a Power Rack and Exercises you Should be Doing! by Jim Brewster
Extended Set Workout Techniques

Extended Set Techniques

The concept of progressive overload is one of the most important in bodybuilding. There are different types of progression – the most basic is to add weight to the bar when you can hit a certain…
Are bodybuilding supplements a waste of money?

Supplements - The Great Evil?

Lately, it seems like supplements are coming under attack from all sides. Just this morning, I listened to a video from an “expert” about ab training who made ridiculous comments about how dangerous…
How to bring up a weak chest

Bring Up Your Chest

Excellent Muscle Building Chest Workout: The chest may seem simple, but in reality it is a large, complicated area. When training the chest, you have to insure complete development: overall chest…
The 20-Rep Squat Routine

20-Rep Squat Routine

The 20 rep Squat is without a doubt one of the most demanding exercises you can do. You will definitely know what pain is all about after one set of these! by Jim Brewster
Bodybuilding Competition at Any Age

Competition Training at Any Age - Part 1

Compete in Bodybuilding at Any Age
Strength and Growth

Strength and Growth part 1

Strength & Growth NOW
How to prepart to compete in a running race

Competing in a Running Race

By Shannon Clark So you may be looking for something to motivate you to keep getting out of bed in the morning and get to your cardio workout. A race, whether it be a 5-K, 10K, half marathon, or…
Train like a Beast - The Back

Train like a Beast - The Back

Train your Back like a Beast
Why Not Overhead Press?

Why not Overhead Press?

The Negative effectts of Overhead Presses
What Leads to Joint Pain

What leads to Joint Pain?

What Leads to Joint Pain?
Using Water to be Dry on Contest Day - by Dr. Joe Klemczewski

Using Water to be Dry on Contest Day

It seems like everyone who has competed once or twice is willing to tell you how to come in ripped on contest day. Dr. Joe Klemczewski is a WNBF Pro and has graduate degrees in health and nutrition.…
How to train for power and definition

Training for Power & Definition

It seems a lot of people want the ripped abs and the power to go with it. In this article I will show you how I compete as a powerlifter and look like a bodybuilder. I have been lifting now for 14…
Train Like a Beast - The Legs

Train Like a Beast - The Legs!

Train Like A Beast Muscle Specific Hypertrophy Workouts By: Derek Charlebois B.S. CPT Specialized Leg Hypertrophy ProgramStructure and Function: Muscles of the Thigh The Quadriceps (Quads) The…
Train your Chest like a Beast for Maximul Development

Train Like a Beast - The Chest!

The pectoralis major is the large fan-shaped muscle covering the anterior rib cage. Some people are confused about this muscle as they believe there is an “outer” and “inner” pectoralis muscle. This…
Howto train your delts for maximum development

Train Like a Beast - The Delts!

Train Like A Beast—Muscle Specific Hypertrophy Workouts By: Derek Charlebois B.S. CPT Specialized Deltoid/Trapezoid Hypertrophy Routine Structure and Function: Muscles of the Shoulder and Scapula…
How to training for bodybuilding at any age

Training for your first Bodybuilding Competition at any age

Training for Your First Competition at Any Age Step 1: Deciding to Compete by Scott “Old Navy” Hults, NFPT-CPT FAME WNSO, NGA & IDFA Natural Master Pro Bodybuilder FAME, NGA and OCB Contest Judge…
Build More Muscle in Less Time

Time for More Muscle

Almost every article, book, or study you read, about building muscle has one thing in common. They all attempt to single out one key factor that will result in the attainment of more muscle. Among…
The Truth about how to have Great Abs

The Truth about Abs

You’ve got abs. In fact, if you workout well and consistently, you probably have considerable ab strength. You don't see them because they're hiding. They're ducking behind your fat layer and can't…
7 behaviors of highly successful athletes

The Seven Behaviors of Highly Successful Athletes

The Seven Behaviors of Highly Successful Athletes By Charles Staley Director/CEO The Seven Behaviors of Highly Successful Athletes There are many behaviors which lend themselves to…
The Right Cardio Prescription to get Shredded

The Right Cardio Prescription to Get Shredded

Like diet fads, appliance colors, and bell bottoms, the decision to include mega-loads of cardio or hardly any at all swings through the bodybuilding culture like the pendulum of a clock. Those in…
find the reight rep-range for muscle growth

The Repetition Range Selection Process

"It is easy to suggest that a particular rep range, say 6-8, will influence muscle hypertrophy, while 3-5 will result in a strength increase, or that a high-rep range is ideal for improving muscular…
The Physics of Bodybuilding

The Physics of Bodybuilding

Scientist have theorized about the possibility of a parallel universe that exist beside our own where the laws of physics as we know them do not apply. While this may not be true of the universe, it…
How to have The Perfect Workout

The Perfect Workout

The Perfect Workout by Blake Selby, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer I used to wonder if I could formulate a workout training system that would yield “perfect” results. The truth is that no matter…
The Hiddes Power of Behavior Based Training

The Hidden Power of Behavior Based Training

The Hidden Power of Behavior-Based Training By Charles Staley Director/CEO Before a new building can be erected on a site where an older building exists, the older building must be…
The Heart Rate Handbook

The Heart Rate Handbook

What Is Heart Rate Training (HRT)? As you may have guessed, heart rate training is tailoring your workouts and performance based upon your heart rate. Believe it or not, you're already sort of doing…
The EDT Fat Loss Solution

The EDT Fat Loss Solution

Each and every workout you know how long it’ll last and you also know exactly what you need to accomplish. It’s that simple. Here’s your program, make exercise substitutions if equipment or injury…

The Dreaded Plateau

Adaptation - Avoiding the Dreaded Bodybuilding Plateau! Ok, so you've been hitting the weights pretty hard for awhile now. At first you made some significant gains but results seem to be coming…

The Compound Solution for Small Arms

The Compound Solution for Small Arms By Strength Coach Mike Mahler Ah, the eternal quest for big guns. Ask any new male trainee what their goals are with training and chances are strong that you will…
Default Image

The Cheapest Anabolic

The Cheapest Anabolic By Iron Addict: I know there are some people on this board that are dying to add some serious mass to their frame. Want to know the cheapest and MAYBE the most effective way?…
How to get Bigger Muscles

The Art of Getting Big

The Art of Getting Big By Steve Colescott Admit it - SIZE MATTERS Most of us guys want to be big, Big Chest, Big Biceps, and Big Legs to support it all. But how do you get "BIG", especially if you…

Anabolic Steroid Abuse

National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series Anabolic Steroid Abuse What are anabolic steroids? Anabolic steroids" is the familiar name for synthetic substances related to the male sex…
10 Things You Must Know to have a Good Workout

Ten Things you MUST do to have a Great Workout

The basic idea of a good warm-up is to walk that fine line between preparing yourself adequately for the intense work to come, without fatiguing yourself in the process. From my observations,…
Default Image

Super Sets, the Good & the Bad

SUPERSETS: THE GOOD & THE BAD By:Craig Ballantyne CB ATHLETIC CONSULTING - For our purposes here, a superset is the completion of consecutive sets without a rest. Supersets can be consecutive…

Stretch & Grow

In almost every activity or sport, stretching has always been a typical way to "warm up" the body and get it ready for action. However, you do not have to be an elite athlete to reap the rewards. It…
Default Image

Strength 101

Much has been written about the benefits of cardiovascular training. Until recently, however, little attention has been given to strength training, an important component of a balanced fitness…
Strategic Variable Training

Strategic Variable Training

Strategic Variable Training By: Mark Sherwood For 20 years I tried every weight training method I could get my hands on and for 20 years I failed to make progress. I was only able to make progress…
How to avoid Strength Plateaus

Steering Clear Of Strength Plateaus

Consider this: It's been a few months since you first started weight training and you're not seeing the same kind of results as you did at the beginning. Sound familiar? You may have hit a plateau in…
Thinking about steroids - how to stay natural

Staying Natural

The text below was taken from a post at Lift for Life Forums. The initial title of the thread was "Another reason to Stay Natural". This could be considered as Part 2 of another post titled…
Default Image

Squat Tips

Since I've been writing articles for PL USA, I've received many letters from lifters looking for simple answers to their questions. After a while, some of the questions repeat themselves. Not all the…
Getting tired of the same old workouit routine - read this article to Spice Up Your Workout

Spice up your Workout!

Spice Up Your Workout! 9 Training Techniques to help you get the Most out of Your Workout! by Ryan Swan With Any Of These 9 Techniques It's always a challenge to keep your workouts exciting. One week…
Learn how to train and diet for your body type

Somatotypes - Understanding Your Bodytype

Understand Your Body Type and learn how to train and diet to maximise results. The three commonly recognized body types are Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. This articles discusses diet and…
How to Lose Weight and Shape Up - part 3

So you want to lose weight and Shape Up! (Part 3)

So you want to Lose Weight & Shape Up! (Part 3) Part 3 of a 3 part series on how to finally lose weight and get in the best shape of your life. by Elise Howard Overview: This is the 3rd and final…
How to lose weight and get back in shape

So you want to lose weight and Shape Up! (Part 2)

So you want to Lose Weight & Shape Up! Part 2 of a 3 part series on how to finally lose weight and get in the best shape of your life. by Elise Howard Overview: So your serious about this fitness…
How to lose weight and get back in shape

So you want to lose weight and Shape Up! (Part 1)

So you want to Lose Weight & Shape Up! Part 1 of a 3 part series on how to finally lose weight and get in the best shape of your life. by Elise Howard Overview: Many women who first venture onto a…
Smart Cardio to Keep Mass and Lose Fat

Smart Cardio for Strength, Mass & Fat Loss

Smart Cardio for Strength, Mass & Fat Loss By: Charles Staley If you're a typical guy who loves to lift big weights, but considers anything over 3 reps to be "endurance" training, you might not be…
Shock Your Muscles Into New Growth

Shock Your Muscles to Stimulate New Growth

"If you are one of the many avid lifters who train on a regular basis, then you should be well aware that muscles require a "shock" in order for them to grow. You may have heard of the saying,…
Want to gain more muscle mass - Shut Up And Grow

Shut up and Grow

Are You Overtraining? You're a warrior, you've paid your dues. Others have come and gone and yet you've remained, pumping furiously. Countless nights in irons cold embrace, unbreakable. You have been…
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Shoulders: Strategies for renewed growth

Shoulders: Strategies for renewed growth By Chris Fernandez Part 3:Shoulders: Strategies for renewed growth As with the previous article, I first want to review some…
Super High Intensity Training

S.H.I.T. Training

If you're anything like nearly all seasoned lifters, then you're probably always searching for a better way to produce the most gains in the least amount of time as possible. I too, am guilty of this…
Resistance Training vs Weight Training

Resistance Training vs Weight Training

"By focusing on the body’s position throughout the exercise, by adhering to form over simply moving weight,,,, a higher quality of muscular development can be attained in a shorter time than through…
Recovering from Shoulder Bursitis and Tendonitis

Recovering from Shoulder Bursitis and Tendonitis

If you are self proclaimed to be a true bodybuilder or powerlifter, then you will have experienced some sort of shoulder problem or injury. They can be chronic and debilitating if not taken care of.…
Pyramid Training for Strength and Growth

Pyramid Training

Pyramid Power Building a Firm Foundation By Kerry Dulin The ancient Egyptians were on to something. Starting with solid foundation consisting of multiple and precisely engineered stones layered…

Posing Rounds

Prejudging Each contestant is evaluated at prejudging in three different rounds. They include 3 rounds. Rounds "1" and "2" have sometimes been interchanged in more recent competitions. Round 1…
Peak Week for Bodybuilders - It Has to be Perfect

Peak Week - It has to be Perfect!!

"I could fill a book with the quotes I hear at contests from competitors who placed from second to last in their class. There are many versions, but just one quote. I’ll paraphrase: “I screwed up my…
Periodization for Bodybuilders - Part 2

Periodization Training for Bodybuilders - Part 2

Periodization Training for Bodybuilders - Part 2 - by Keats Snideman Click Here for Part 1 Are you interested in long term results and effectiveness in your training? Then you better have at least a…
Periodization Training for Bodybuilders

Periodization Training for Bodybuilders - Part 1

Periodization Training for Bodybuilders - Part 1 - by Keats Snideman Click Here for Part 2 Are you interested in long term results and effectiveness in your training? Then you better have at least a…
Negative Reinforcement – Overcoming Common Mistakes in Bodybuilding

Negative Reinforcement

Negative Reinforcement - Common Mistakes Bodybuilders Make by Derek Charlebois I always say, "If I knew what I know now when I started lifting, I'd be huge!" I'm sure everyone says that, but it would…
My Powerlifting Philosophy

My Powerlifting Philosophy

"The thing about my philosophy is that it’s dead simple but doesn’t go 100% along with what you read in the magazines. That’s because its for 100% NATURAL lifters. And I swear by it." A member of the…
A HIT Training Program by Yumon Eaton

My Modified HIT Training Program

In the following article, I will share with you how I modified the current HIT style of training to make it my own "Subjecting your muscles to stress that they are used to or have already overcome is…
The Maximum Muscle Protram - Part 2

Maximum Muscle - Part 2

"To understand how to eat, you need to understand the five major nutritional elements that are significant in building muscle and minimizing fat: calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats, and water.…
The Maximum Muscle Bodybuilding Program - Part 1

Maximum Muscle - Bodybuilding Program

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Joint Troubles

"Joint Troubles" One of the most common problems faced by strength training athletes is joint pain. "Oh my shoulder is killing me" or "my knee has been bothering me for months" or "I have been living…
It's In Your Blood

It's in your Blood - Testing for optimum hormone levels

"It's in Your Blood" A down and dirty primer and intro to understanding the value of regular blood work with some strategies and pointers for optimizing hormones and other things that negatively or…
The AB Article - by Kerry Dulin

It’s almost Summer, do you know where your Abs are?

Abs are sexy. I know it and you know it. If this were not the case then you would not see well defined abs on the cover of almost all fitness magazines and advertisements. Every one of them is trying…
What is Interval Training

Interval Training and what makes a Serious Athlete

Do you know what Intervals are or the basics of HIT Training? Learn about them in this article. by Rich Butkevic During an interview Steve Ilg, one of my favorite fitness trainers, was asked what…
Bodybuilding Supplement for Maximum Growth

Bodybuilding Supplements for Growth

By: Hugo Rivera Discount Bodybuilding Supplements page When it comes to gaining muscle, most people think that supplements are the most important part of the equation. However, this could not be any…
Bodybuilding Intensity - Are you Training with Enough?

Intensity - Are you training with enough?

You've heard it once and you've heard it again, INTENSITY is crucial in bodybuilding success. Now while all avid gym goers believe that their training intensity is good enough, I can almost assure…
What you must know when training for a bodybuilding competition

Important Competition Factors

In this articke I will provide some pointers to consider or maybe even use to your advantage while preparing for a bodybuilding event. Some of the "pointers" I am about to discuss have been passed on…
How to Shape Your Butt

How to Shape your Butt

"Gluteal flexing can be done anytime, anywhere you are not concerned about the practice being noticed. Simply learn how to tighten and release the muscles of your gluteus maximus." All exercise…
How to add 40 lbs to your bench press in as little as 21 days, by Phano Paul Som

How to add 40 lbs to your Bench Press in as little as 21 days!

Note to reader:This is a very specific training program that must be complemented with proper rest and adequate nutrition. As with any fitness program, do not attempt this routine if you are not…
How much do you bench? Increase it NOW

How Much Ya Bench? Increase it NOW!

How Much Ya Bench?Charles Staley, B.Sc., MSSDirector/CEOwww.EDTSecrets.comThe bench press has achieved almost cult status, reaching even into popular culture. It wasn’t always this way— prior to the…
How to get the most from your Home Gym

Home Gyms, Five steps toward getting the most out of your Home Gym Equipment

How to get the most from your home gym equipment! Home Gyms. Ever see someone with a good physique who got it by working out on a home gym? I have. I’ve even competed against people who became…
Are you using your internal weight lifting belt?

Hey, where's your Internal Weightlifting Belt?

HEY! WHERE'S YOUR INTERNAL WEIGHT BELT? Think of your body as an algebraic equation. Both sides must equal each other to solve the problem. Unfortunately our bodies are not as balanced as a…
Getting in Contest Shape

Getting in Contest Shape - part 1

There are many things you will need to do when preparing for a show. So how do you get prepared for something like competition? Learn right here what your main focus needs to be, especially with…
Linda Cusmano in bathing suit

Fitness Fortitude

Sometimes it seems like proper diet and training is only something that athletes can follow. Time seems to be one of the biggest factors affecting our population's lifestyle. While there's something…
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Exercise Can Help Control Stress

Exercise can Help to Control Stress How it works People who exercise regularly will tell you they feel better. Some will say it's because chemicals called neurotransmitters, produced in the brain,…
Everything Bodybuilders Need to Know about Protein

Everything you need to know about Protein

New Page 3 "Protein is arguably the most important nutrient for your body." Find out what you need to know about protein in the article by bodybuilder Ryan Swan. Protein intake is a topic I get…
How to eat intelligently for mass

Eating Intelligently for Mass

Eating Intelligently for Mass If you want to be big, you have to eat big. This is one of the absolute truths of bodybuilding. To be big, you MUST eat big! End of story! No ifs, ands or buts about it…
How to Eat for Lean Muscle Mass

Eating for Mass

Eating for Mass The Bodybuilders Guide to Lean Muscle Mass! My off-season diet used to include, eating everything I wanted whenever I wanted. I had read in various writings this was the way to go.…
Coach Bear's Dynamic Strenght Training

Dynamic Strength Training

The goals of this program are several. We want to induce muscle growth in order to get bigger, increase overall strength to enhance performance, and stimulate muscle creation; the creation of…
Dynamic Leg Training In Spite of Injury

Dynamic Leg Training - In spite of Injury

Dynamic Leg Training In Spite of Injury. By Thavius J. Nelson What to do when knee injury plagues your training "The beauty of leg training is that it gives the body a fuller look and puts you far…
Articles by Dr. Joe Klemczewski, "The Diet Doctor"

Dr. Joe "The Diet Doctor"

It seems like everyone who has competed once or twice is willing to tell you how to come in ripped on contest day. Dr. Joe Klemczewski is a WNBF Pro and has graduate degrees in health and nutrition.…
How to Double  Your Results when Training Quads

Double Your Results - The Quads

Training Quads for Maximum Size, Strength and Definition takes a lot of hard work. Learn how to get the most from your leg training program and develop massive quads with the Double Your Results…
Double Your Results by Varying Your Workout - The Arms

Double Your Results - The Arms

Double Your Results by Varying Your Workouts The Arms by Jon Huston Biceps and triceps are the primary muscles making up the larger portion of your arms. These are the muscles put on display during…
Damian Osgood

Damian Osgood Benches 480 at only 162 lbs

CRITICAL BENCH: CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF? OSGOOD: I'm 5'2", 165lbs, 19 y/o, born 02-29-84; I have been powerlifting for 5 years. I work as a security office at Franklin Memorial Hospital. I live…
Cycle your weight training program, by Phano Paul Som

Cycle your Training Program

Ever since I started weight training, I have always read that in order to stimulate the most muscle growth one should go heavy. Well, I've learned that after three years of training, one should cycle…

Cycling Supplements for Maximum Effect

If you have taken creatine, thermogenics, or any other supplement non-stop for the past year or so, raise your hand? If you're a serious lifter and you're not raising your hand, then you shame on…
Cycling Carbs to Maximize Fat Loss

Cycling Carbs to Maximize Fat Loss

Cycling Carbs to Maximize Fat Loss by Phano Paul Som One very effective way to maximize fat loss is through a method called carbohydrate cycling. If you've hit a plateau in your quest for fat loss…
12 week Pre-Contest Crash Course

Crash Course

Preparing for a bodybuilding competition is perhaps the most difficult task a bodybuilder will undertake. The 12 or 13 week "pre-contest" preparation is where one begins to put together all the…
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CREATINE My personal take on Creatine! Creatine is one of the few supplements that actually produces rapid results. When used properly you can expect a 5 to 7 lb weight increase within the 1st four…
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Contest Preparation

The Final Touch in Pre-Contest Preparation Subject: Contest finishing touches? Thomas Incledon, MS, RD, LD, LN, CSCS, NSCA-CPT Question: I have a question about getting ready for a contest. All I've…
How to develope

Core Strength - R to the Core

Core Strength (R to the Core) by Dave Parise C.P.T. We live in a mechanized society, sitting all day bent over or standing, leaning forward with our backs rounded. This poor posture creates muscular…
HIT Trainint and Volume Training

Combining HIT & Volume Training

Merging HIT and Volume Training Applying HIT and Volume Training to your Workouts (HIT = High Intensity Training) "The idea for this article came from my personal workouts that I've been doing since…
Classic Mistakes at the Gym!

Classic Gym Mistakes

The Classic Things You Will Do To "Shoot Yourself In The Foot" By Coach Charles Staley, B.Sc., MSS Director, Editor’s Note: Anyone who trains seriously should print this article…
Cardiovascular Training for Bodybuilders

Cardiovascular Training for Bodybuilders

Endurance, A.K.A. cardiovascular training, improves the heart's ability to pump blood and increases oxygen uptake into cells. A "fit" person can also lose more fat at rest and during exercise than an…
Calf Workout

Calf Training for Maximum Results

Maximum Results For Calf Training By Matt Shepley Calves seem to be a lagging body part for more than a fair share of weight trainers. Genetics can hand out a great set of calves, but for most,…
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Burn Out Sets

That which doesn't kill me! Working out with Intensity There is an old axiom in bodybuilding that says that "strength equals size". In other words, as your strength increases there will be a…
Bulking for Endomorphs

Bulking for Endomorphs

When a bodybuilder consumes a hypercaloric diet, their goal is not just to gain weight, which could be both fat and lean mass, but rather to gain LEAN MASS. The strategies outlined here will help…
Building an Extrordinary Back

Building an Extraordinary Back

Building an Extraordinary Back By Phano Paul Som The back is the centerpiece of your physique. It defines your symmetry. An effective lat spread can give you the appearance of wings. But too often,…
Bodyweight Exercise vs. Free Weights vs. Machines

Bodyweight Exercise vs Free Weights vs Machines

Bodyweight Exercise vs. Free Weights vs. Machines By Tamir Katz of TBK Fitness In this article, I am going to be discussing the merits and drawbacks of exercising with free weights, including…
Delbert Hickman

The Bodybuilding Diet of a Professional Bodybuilder

My Bodybuilding Diet Philosophy By: Delbert Hickman Many times I have asked various people advice on bodybuilding. Many times I have been given advice on bodybuilding when not asked for. The fact…
Bodybuilding by the Numbers - by Delbert Hickman

Bodybuilding by the Numbers

Bodybuilding by the Numbers By Delbert Hickman Counting, counting, and more counting. It seems to never end. Tracking the number of grams in this, the number of calories in that is a meticulous, time…
Blast Your Mass with German Volume Kettlebell Training

German Volume Kettlebell Training - (GVT)

Blast Your Mass With German Volume Kettlebell Training By Mike Mahler I learned about German Volume Training (GVT) from top strength coach Charles Poliquin several years ago. Coach Poliquin stated…
Bigger Biceps for Beginners - The Smart Way to Train Your Biceps

Bigger Biceps for Beginners

Bigger Biceps for Beginners Ever notice someone with a great physique in a crowded store or walking down a busy sidewalk. People notice. Heads turn in attention as people look on with admiring…
How to Increase your Bench Press

How to increase your bench press

BACK UP YOUR BENCH How to increase your bench press By: Doug Daniels (Doug's Power Page) I would be pretty safe assuming that everybody out there would like to add to his or her bench press. The…
Behind every Big

Behind every Big "X", is a Strong "Y"

“Behind every big X is a strong Y” by Kevin Parker OK boys & girls, today we’re going to solve for X & Y! Ready? Here we go! *Behind every big squat are strong hip & groin muscles. Some of the best…
The Beginners Guide to Natural Bodybuilding

The Beginners Guide to Natural Bodybuilding

The Beginners Guide to Natural Bodybuilding, a comprehensive introduction to Natural Bodybuilding by successful Natural Bodybuilder Ivan Blazquez Most men cringe at the thought of being on stage at a…
How to get Bigger and Stronger - Faster!

Condense Time And Get Bigger Faster

Condense Time and Become Condense Time And Get Bigger And Stronger Faster! By Mike Mahler (Originally Published in Hardcore Muscle Magazine) When I was in the sales world, I realized real fast that I…
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Advanced Workout Techniques

When you begin the transition from beginner to advanced, you will need to incorporate some advanced training techniques.
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Abdoninal Truth

ABDOMINALS - The Truth on How to Achieve a Toned Tummy and Slim Waistline It often seems like the hardest thing in the world to do: "Reducing your waistline and toning your abdominals". People all…
Accelerate Your Goals with S.P.E.E.D.

Accelerate Your Goals with SPEED, by Maria Kang

"I am not prescribing a "new way of losing weight," instead; I'm promoting a new way of programming your success. Besides evaluating your internal psychology that moves you into action, you absolutely…
The Formula for Gaining Mass

The Formula for Gaining Muscle Mass

Formula for Gaining Mass
A day in the life of a competitive natural bodybuilder

A Day in the Life of Competitive Bodybuilder

A Day in the Life of Competitive Bodybuilder, Yumon Eaton A typical day for me eight weeks out from a bodybuilding contest isn’t much different than any other day during my off – season. Things do,…
A Basic Course in Bodybuilding Nutrition

A Basic Course in Bodybuilding Nutrition

A Basic Course in Bodybuilding Nutrition: No experienced competitor leaves this to chance. If you really want to know the "Secret" to success as a natural athlete - Start Here By Roger Riedinger…
5 Tips to Design an Effective Sprint Program

5 Tips to design an effective sprint program

How to Design an Effective Sprint Program that Works for You! By Keats Snideman . Every week I receive dozens of emails asking how an athlete can dramatically improve his or her sprinting speed. The…
Brian Wiefering

39 Year Old Lifter Wants to Get Back in Shape

THE NATURAL COMPETITOR 39 Year Old Lifter Wants to Get Back in Shape By Brian Wiefering No Nonsense Newsletter Volume 14 # issue 1 Q: Brian, I’m 39, trained with weights for sports in…
12 Week Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

12 Week Contest Prep

12 Week Contest Prep by Jon Huston Over the past year or so I've been writing articles and have gotten hundreds of responses from my articles. What I would like to do, to give back to those of you…
What is Interval Training

Learn about Interval Training

Do you know what Intervals are or the basics of HIT Training? Learn about them in this article.
Building A Better Chest

Building a Better Chest

Steps toward building a champion chest By Jon Huston The chest is perhaps the most widely sought after aspect of the human physique. It is the part that even the skinny-legged guys on the beach stick…
10 Quick Tips to Build Muscle

10 Quick Tips for Building Muscle

Learn 10 Secrets to Build Muscle Mass Quickly.
10 Things You Must Do to have a Good Workout

10 Things you Must Do to have a good Workout

10 Things YOU MUST DO to have a good WORKOUT

Getting Back In Shape

The Natural Competitor - Getting Back in Shape at 39

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