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Monday June 25, 2018

5 Keywords to Muscular Development

Written by Dan Petraglia
5 Keywords to Muscular DevelopmentMany young people today believe that muscle synthesis can be broken down into a few basic ideas and principles. What most don’t understand or have trouble grasping is that muscle growth and development is a vastly different branch of health than let’s say, weight loss. It all comes down to the time and effort you put in, and how much dedication you’re willing to put out.

There is no simple answer to the key to getting the perfectly ripped muscular body that which most of us desire. However, after careful consideration, I decided to come up with 5 words that best represent the overall philosophy and general logic behind muscle development, and share them with the Lift for Life audience.


Form is number one. It’s the first one that comes to mind because it’s the most important. You could be weight training for years and barely see results by not having the proper form and technique. I’ll even admit I sometimes catch myself performing a free weight exercise incorrectly even after all the years of experience that I have under my belt. Your muscles respond one hundred times better to steady, slow, and proper lifting technique. Swinging and wildly flailing around weight will get you nowhere even if its high weight and your beating personal bests on the regular.


Your diet counts for so much in the exercise world its crazy. Professionals from triathlon athletes to NFL nose tackles have unique diets that help accelerate and improve their performance on the main stage. If you’re looking for actual muscular weight gains, than a high protein rich diet would be most beneficial. If you are looking for a tighter, leaner, and highly energized body; a diet consisting of many carbohydrates would work best you’re in favor. Carbohydrates are important in general as they give us tons of energy. So you see you have to be eating the right things for the different kinds of goals.


I remember many years ago I read an article about a young man who was a “hard gainer”. This is someone who is mostly skin and bone and has to start from scratch with building any kind of muscle at all. He went on for the next four years and put on over 50 lbs of solid chiseled muscle. What was his secret? The heading of his story was “Lift to get strong, not to get big”. Simply by focusing on this key principle versus the other, he was able to excel to infinity and beyond. It’s better to set goals on getting stronger by doing more weight and more repetitions with this mindset in place versus the other. Just think, the stronger you become, the more toned and big you will become.


Building a super fit body is no game. If you want this, you have to really push yourself beyond your normal limits. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone is where you need to take your workouts. This is where the intensity factor comes into play. You need to push and strain your body until the brink of complete and utter physical exhaustion. This can absolutely never be accomplished with a lackadaisical attitude. You never want to be relaxed before a workout. You want to be loose, focused, and ready to be shot out of a cannon.


Of course this is obviously the big one. Tied with proper form and execution in technique, patience is the most important piece in muscle development. Muscle growth and muscle hardening takes months to years in the making. Some might think on the more days to weeks scale, but those that do are just deceiving themselves. Unless you take dangerous steroids and pills, you can achieve results slightly quicker. But natural growth is much better and healthier for your body in the long run anyway so why risk it? Overall, if you have patience, learn proper form, find the right diet that suits you best, have a “strong” mindset, and really test your limitations, you too can get the body you feel you’ve always deserved.

About the Author - Dan Petraglia runs a weight loss and fitness information blog. Unique exercise, dieting, and nutrition information, products, programs, and services are provided. For more information, please visit

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