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Saturday August 18, 2018

Fat People

Written by Kerry Dulin

Uncomfortable in my own skin!

Fat People

Modern Medicine loves a Victim!

Most people suffer from some type of body image insecurity. We may feel that our nose is too big, ears too long, hips too wide, hair to thin, body to fat or thin, and the list goes on. It is surprising to know however, that even bodybuilders and fitness athletes, people whose sculpted physiques appear to be the pinnacle of chiseled perfection, also suffer with body image insecurities. In fact, many in the bodybuilding community suffer from body image disorders at a much higher rate than the general population.

 The unaware spectator, looking on with envy and admiration, may find it difficult to believe that the tanned and muscular athlete posing in front of a thousand people, feels small, feels inadequate, and feels as if he or she isn’t quite good enough. The fact is however that many bodybuilders are struggling to mask the symptoms of their perceived inadequacies. I wrote about this in an article called “Bigorexia, the Road Less Traveled”.

But let’s look at the opposite end of this spectrum. There are perhaps tens of thousands of bodybuilders and fitness competitors who spend countless hours at the gym, diet religiously, and live austere lives in the pursuit of a physical ideal, and yet there are millions of fat, sedentary people who don’t do a damn thing about it. To the contrary, the extent of their commitment to improving their overall health and physique is in the pursuit of a pill, patch or even surgery in order to loose weight. They act as if weight loss is a mystery, some sort of supreme achievement that they are not capable of without assistance.


There is nothing magic, mysterious, or even difficult about weight loss. Bodybuilders have been doing it with calendar regularity for years and natural bodybuilders have perfected it as an art. Still, “modern medicine” and good old fashion capitalism have catered to the obese majority offering everything from worthless and dangerous drugs to surgeries which I have compared to having your guts ripped out with a treble hook, and the slugs of modern society lap it up like dogs.

I am sick and tired of people not taking responsibility for their lives, their appearance, and their health. In another article that I wrote called “The Best Supplement”, I end with the line, “The truth is that the best supplement for achieving your physique goal will not be found in a pill, but on a plate.” This is true for both bodybuilders and fat people alike. Any worthy goal requires discipline. Bodybuilders who practice discipline are labeled extremist, but fat people who lack discipline altogether are told that they have a genetic disorder and given pills. “you poor thing, your thyroid isn’t working right, your metabolism is slow, here, take this pill and never mind those silly little heart palpitations”.

Bullshit! (oops, there I go again). It isn’t your genetics, it isn’t your thyroid, it’s your lack of discipline. Stop playing the powerless victim and take responsibility for who you are. Modern medicine plays on and encourages victims. Pharmaceutical companies couldn’t survive without them. They profit upon your weaknesses, and the sicker you are, the stronger they become. Stop waiting for a magic pill because it does not, and will never exist. The pharmaceutical industry has no intention of curing you; it only wants to treat you. Repeat customers are big business. Feel like your being used? You are!

If you’re serious about loosing weight and would like to tone up, go to my site called “Ripped Abs”. This page includes a simple and easy to understand diet plan that has work for thousands, and it’s FREE.

There are few things that I like less than a self made victim. You know who you are, now make yourself into who you want to be.

Kerry Dulin

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