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Tuesday June 19, 2018

Now I am ready to live

Written by Dave Parise

Now I am ready to live

By Dave Parise C.P.T. certified Fitness / personal trainer  Results Plus Hamden CT.


 Dave Parise C.P.T.


The following statements are for thought.


1- Changing your thoughts change your life. The statement “what we think we will become” or…” What we dwell on is what we move towards” are facts that give us vision / clarity / we feel it / so now we do it. Most people live in the “current reality state” this is everyone’s comfort zone. To move away from what we our used to and change our environment or habits puts us in a “limited state”. In this limited state we are stuck in uncharted territory. When we are out of our comfort zone we look for anything that will drive us back to our current reality and lessen the pain…WE GIVE UP!


2- We all need from time to time an understanding of who we are and where we want to be. Sometimes our thoughts dictate our actions. Often times we read something and everyone has a different opinion, or definition of what it really says. Try this: Look at the following word and out loud say the word…




If you said opportunity no where we need to change your thought process. Think before you think…THE WORD SAYS…opportunity now here. This positive way of looking at things gives us forethought. It gives us a preview of coming attractions. Changing your thought changes your life.

Read the following information some of it should click. As you read these facts, try to relate them to your own personal life…



  • Sometimes based on PAST occurrences we feel like we are stuck and cannot achieve what we would to accomplish. We believe we can’t HOWEVER it’s a LIE because this is only past circumstances being projecting into your current reality. This subconscious fear is the root cause of dysfunction.

  • If you  B E (L I E) V E you cannot achieve something it’s a lie. Our subconscious mind has a hard time distinguishing between what is real and what is well imagined. We imagine it is too hard, no time, too busy, to stressed, and anything else that puts us back to our comfort zone. Some people try to drive a nail in the wall with the back of a screwdriver. It will work, however it is not the best tool. Our best tool is our mind. You must use your imagination; this sets the stage for a preview of all coming attractions.


In conclusion, there is no conclusion…just a continuous cycle of healthy ideas, a balanced lifestyle, and the ability to believe in your abilities. So Believe, Conceive, and you WILL Achieve!


Dave Parise C.P.T.
Results Plus Personal Training
N.A.S.M. R.T.S. 1,2. C.S.C.S.

Results Plus

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