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Friday April 20, 2018

Effective Rules to Lose Belly Fat

Written by James Wendt

10 Effective Ways to Lose Belly FatThere is not a single person on this planet who is not concerned about losing weight. One must remember that where weight loss is voiced, it mostly means to lose excess belly fat, which a person accumulates in his body over the course of time. There are myriad of methods through which belly fat can be curbed. These methods can be effective only when they are being followed in a proper manner. This article will list down the things that should not be done and the correct ways of losing belly fat. But to understand all of this, one must know what belly fat exactly means.

In the medical world, belly fat is referred as the central obesity. In addition to this, there is yet another definition used for belly fat, which is abdominal obesity. There are many definitions one can find, but if a person were to explain belly fat in the simplest of ways then it can be said that belly fat is the accumulation of fat on the abdomen, which usually results in the substantial increase in the waist of a person.


There are quite a few reasons due to which belly fat gets stored in the body. However, one of the most common reasons is due to excess consumption of calories. Also, there have been reports that belly fat is also a result of consuming large amounts of fructose. Although it might sound to a person who has belly fat to be just a small increase in their body and nothing else, it is not true. Over the course of time, belly fat can cause serious health problems to a person. One of the biggest diseases caused due to belly fat is that of heart problems.

Distinct Terms

One thing which should be pointed out is that there are many distinct terms used to refer belly fat. Some of them are listed as follows

·   Beer belly is one of the most common terms which people label to a person who has a large stomach due to heavy drinking. Medically, this is not correct. It has been found in many researches that those who drink are less likely to have a fat stomach than those  who don’t drink at all.

·   Love handle is another term used while referring to belly fat. The name love handle refers to the large amounts of fats which are usually present on the midsection of a person or their lower back.

·   Muffin top is another name, which is given to belly fat referring to the fat which spills over the waist line of a person.

Effective Rules to Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is a very problematic situation that often calls for people to take some serious action to control it. One of the best things one could do to solve this problem is to lose all the belly fat that a person has. But to know how to lose belly fat, there are certain steps or rules that need to be fulfilled. Like a game, where rules are a must to make the whole game enjoyable and fair. Similarly, these rules are applicable while controlling belly fat as well. Following is the list of 10 simplest rules to be considered while trying to lose belly fat.

1. The first and foremost rule to control belly fat is that one shouldn’t gorge on food. This might sound like a challenge for many people, but it is one of the most effective ways one can control the belly fat. Research has proved that eating smaller amounts of food increases the metabolism in a person as opposed to larger meals.

2. Exercising is another rule in the pursuit to lose belly fat. Through exercise, a person can gain strong muscles in their bodies. Through the gain of muscle, a person is bound to get rid of 50 calories in a day’s time.

3. Intake of breakfast is another rule, which a person should follow. It has been medically proven that if a person were to take breakfast to start off a new day, it would increase the metabolism of a person to a large extent.

4. Water intake is another rule in belly fat loss. A person should always drink plenty of water since the human bodies are majorly being made of water.

Multiply your bodyweight by .55-.75 (the higher value applies to people in a warmer climate, this calculator splits the difference at .65). The resulting number is the amount of water you should drink each day in ounces.

5. Intake of protein is yet another rule which is very important. Through the consumption of protein, one can increase the muscle mass of the body, and it also increases the metabolism of a person.

6. Decrease in high calories food is also a very important rule that a person should take care of. The reason for this is because, eating a large amount of high calorie food will result in an even larger belly fat

7. Restriction of alcohol is another rule that people should follow as there is high amount of calories present in alcohol.

8. One of the most important rules that a person should follow is to quit smoking. Smoking has been listed as a main cause for heart problems and belly fat

9. Intake of fish oil pills is another rule which if a person follows is known to lessen the belly fat.

 10.A person should always take a cold shower after a normal shower as it increases the metabolism rate of human body.

Author Bio

James is a fitness lover and he loves to blog on diet plans, tips and exercises that help you know how to lose belly fat effectively. You can visit his blog at


0 #2 naildown 2012-05-20 02:03
Quoting gwilt:
:sad: I watch what I eat, I eat breakfast, exercise 3-5 times a week, don't drink, take vitamins, don't take hot showers and I still CANNOT shed any weight...what gives??????

I would start a calorie journal and see how many calories you take in a day and compare it to what you burn at rest plus any exercise you may do...bottom line is you have to burn more calories than you take in to lose weight. But at the same time don't drop all your calories because your body will fight to keep the fat. it has to be a happy medium of eating healthy with exercise over an extended amount of time to see results.
0 #1 gwilt 2012-04-25 00:46
:sad: I watch what I eat, I eat breakfast, exercise 3-5 times a week, don't drink, take vitamins, don't take hot showers and I still CANNOT shed any weight...what gives??????

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