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Wednesday August 15, 2018

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Team Adkison

Ray & Gail Adkison logo
Ray & Gail Adkison. How did you get started in Bodybuilding? Being the promoters of the…

Steve Speyrer

Steve Speyrer
Steve Speyrer

Pete Khatcherian

Pete Khatcherian most muscular pose
Name: Pete Khatcherian Date of Birth: September 3, 1989 Location: New York Height: 5'11…

Lina Louidor Beauplan

Lina Louidor Beauplan
Lina Louidor Beauplan, I really got tired of wishing and wanting and started working and…

Jim Simprini - 77 and going Strong

Advice from 75 year old fitness buff Jim Simprini
Update: When Lift for Life first featured Jim Simprini, he was the active 75 year old…

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