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Wednesday August 15, 2018

How To Support Natural Bodybuilding

Each of the organizations below support Natural Bodybuilding by promoting drug tested competitive events for Bodybuilding and Fitness athletes. This helps to ensure a level playing field for competitors as well as providing a venue to showcase their hard earned physiques. Please support these organizations both as competitors and as spectators. See "How to Support Natural Bodybuilding" and Competition Calendar below., Bodybuilding and Fitness for the Natural Athlete: 

Natural Bodybuilding Publications:

Fitness & Physique MagazineFitness & Physique Magazine, published by Matt Shepley, President of the OCB (Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders). This publication has all the latest news in competitive Natural Bodybuilding, along with great workout and diet articles. Click here to learn more!

Natural Bodybuilding & FitnessNatural Bodybuilding & Fitness, published by Chelo Publishing, is a great magazine covering competition results from the INBF, WNBF and others. Along with great articles covering everything from workouts to supplementation, this is a quality magazine that you will not want to miss. Click here to learn more!

Natural Bodybuilding Organizations:

Please contact me if you would like your Natural Bodybuilding organization included here - this is a free service to the Natural Bodybuilding Community!

 ANBF - American Natural Bodybuilding Federation - Our mission statement is to provide the ultimate natural bodybuilding experience for the competitor and fan through uniform pricing, athlete payouts, qualified judges and stringent drug testing.

ANBF - American Natural Bodybuildinig Federation

NANBF - North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation

As an organization, NANBF's goal is to provide an organization competitors can rely on to be run honestly and fairly - and of course to provide shows that are run well and are truly drug tested and not where the promoter merely pockets the entry fees.

North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation

NGA - National Gym Association

The NGA has a mission in the bodybuilding and fitness field. Since the inception of our organization we have greatly contributed to the many changes for the betterment of athletes. The NGA's crusade Drug-Free Athletes of America, is committed to promote only natural (non steroids) bodybuilding and fitness events.

National Gym Association

Zeus Productions - Home of the Natural Olympia. The only organization testing with I.O.C. / WADA standards

Zeus Productions

ABA - Amateur Bodybuilding Association

Affiliated with Zeus Productions


Amateur Bodybuilding Association

INBF - The International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation

At last – a truly drug-free bodybuilding, figure and fitness federation for natural men and women! With the non-profit INBF (International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation), you get what you see:


The Exercise Group - Web source for Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine

The Exercise Group

The North American Sports Federation - Iron Sports Division is a non-profit educational, officiating and program coordinating body for amateur adults and youth athletes participating in bodybuilding, power lifting and Olympic weightlifting. We encourage proper training of all officials in each sport,

North American Sports Federation

ONBF - Ohio Natural Bodybuilding Federation

The Ohio Natural Bodybuilding Federation (ONBF) is a natural bodybuilding organization structured to provide natural competitors with a "level playing field."

The Ohio Natural Bodybuilding Federation

OCB - Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders

OCB - Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders

IFPA - Professional division of the OCB Bodybuilding Federation


WNBF - The world leader in DRUG-TESTED bodybuilding and figure competitions is the WORLD NATURAL BODYBUILDING FEDERATION!

WNBF - World Natural Bodybuilding Federation

The Natural Physique Association (NPA) is an independent Bodybuilding Association, which promotes Drug-Free Amateur and Professional Bodybuilding events within the Continental United States of America.

the Natural Physique Association

NABBA USA provides the athlete with the opportunity to compete at an international level


United States Bodybuilding Federation (USBF)
Our Mission is to offer Natural Athletes the opportunity to compete in bodybuilding competitions (Local, Regional, & National) where fair and objective drug testing is a priority.



The Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Organization (S.N.B.F)) was founded in 1996 and is a "100% Drug Free" Organization. It was primarily organized to give all natural (drug free) bodybuilding and figure athletes a fair place to compete. The SNBF hosts Pro and Amateur Events and is adding new events annually!

SNBF Natural Bodybuilding

Neutron Fitness & Sports Organization

Our purpose is to promote an ethical lifestyle and to provide drug free Athletes with a natural platform to showcase their talents around the World.



Also known as natural bodybuilding, FAME Muscle is the category for drug-free men and women of virtually all ages, weight classes and experience levels who have succeeded in crafting a natural, muscular physique.

FAME World Tour


Also known as natural bodybuilding, FAME Muscle is the category for drug-free men and women of virtually all ages, weight classes and experience levels who have succeeded in crafting a natural, muscular physique.

World Natural Sports Organization


International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA), an organization committed to supporting drug free bodybuilding worldwide.


Executive Productions - EPFNB

Executive Productions is a natural organization that puts strong emphases on first time competitors, by offering two levels of Novice Competition. It is mandatory that all shows have a novice 1 division for competitors that have never competed in a bodybuilding or figure show in the past. In addiction we do offer open divisions for competitors that have competed before.

Executive Productions Natural Bodybuilding


If the Sport of Natural Bodybuilding is to grow it must be supported by spectators and athletes alike. A promoter will not and can not continue to promote an event if it is not well attended by both competitive athletes and paying fans. While training naturally is it's own reward our sport will never advance to full recognition by the public without the strong support of people like you and I.

Unfortunately drug enhanced behemoths have usurped the stage and demand attention from the public by their sheer size alone. Spectators gaze in bewildered amazement at the unnatural proportions of these Olympian bodybuilders. Hidden from public view however is the is the tremendous cost in both drugs and in health that these people pay to maintain the temporary illusion of strength. It is not an understatement to say that if you want to compete at the Olympian level you must be willing to die for it.

The Natural trainer on the other hand has nothing to hide. Their well proportioned and aesthetic physique is truly as healthy as it appears. A Natural trainer is not concerned with going on and coming off of cycles or jump-starting their testicles after a cycle. Eventually the public will see through the facade promoted by Weider and the IFBB gang. We are the Future of Bodybuilding and the True Role-models of Health. In an age and society where obesity and lethargy are the accepted norm we owe it to ourselves, our children and our community to be examples of the physique transformation that lies within the grasp of those who are willing to follow.

  What can you do?

1. Attend Natural (drug tested) Bodybuilding and Fitness Competitions

2. Become a Competitor yourself. Stop thinking about it and do it.

3. Support the Sponsors.

4. Become a member of and support Natural Organizations. Several are listed on the Bodybuilding Competition Guide Page and links are above as well.

5. Subscribe to Natural Bodybuilding Magazines.

6. Share your knowledge. Submit an Article about training, diet, supplements or whatever fitness concern that you would like to share. all rights reserved

Natural Bodybuilding at its Finest - Lift for

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