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Saturday August 18, 2018

Top 5 Exercises for Joint Pain

Written by Andy Terry

Top 5 Exercises for Joint PainWhen struggling with joint pain, the last thing most people think would provide relief is exercise. In fact, many individuals feel that exercises for joint pain would actually exaggerate the problem, thereby intensifying the level of pain. Although sometimes this type of physical activity would not be recommended and while a person should always get approval from a reputable doctor before doing any exercises, in most cases, exercises for joint pain are highly beneficial.

The list of exercises for joint pain is actually extensive but we wanted to provide information about ten that are considered by medical and fitness professionals to be among the most effective and safest. An individual may get the relief needed by performing one particular exercise or find that a combination of several exercises for joint pain work best.

Special Considerations

Before doing any activity, we wanted to point out a few factors that should be considered when it comes to exercises for joint pain.

  • Only exercises designed for joint pain, as well as well as those that stabilize the involved joint, strengthen the surrounding muscles, and reduce inflammation should be considered
  • Regardless of the exercise or exercises chosen, all movements should be controlled and slow
  • If an individual were to experience pain or find the condition worsening, exercises should stop and a medical doctor seen
  • In most cases, exercises for joint pain would provide much-needed relief but because there are some serious diseases that produce pain of this type, a person should

Hip Abductor Side Raise

For our list of the top exercises for joint pain, we wanted to start with the hip abductor side raise. For this, a person would lie down on the left side of the body while keeping the legs extended and allowing the top leg to rest on top of the bottom leg. Very slowly, the top leg would be lifted as high as a person could take it without experiencing pain. With the leg straight, the highest position would be held for 10 seconds and then slowly lowered back down to the starting position.

After completing 20 repetitions, the person would roll over to the right side of the body, repeating the same exercise for 20 repetitions. Over time and as pain diminishes, an individual could wear a one-pound ankle weight to encourage even greater healing.

Sprinter’s Stretch

This is another one of the best exercises for joint pain, which is highly beneficial for hips. An individual would start by getting into a sprinter’s position, keeping the left leg straight out behind the body and bracing the foot against a wall. The right leg would be tucked beneath the chest and hands placed firmly on the floor in front of the body. Slowly, the body would be allowed to move toward the floor while lifting the leg behind the body off the floor just slightly. The leg would be lowered to the floor and the exercise repeated 10 times.

After working the left leg, the person would get back into the sprinter’s position but this time, placing the right leg behind the body and the left leg tucked under the chest. Again, the right leg would be lifted slightly off the ground and then lowered, repeating the movement 10 times. With this, flexor muscles of the hip are stretched, which ultimately helps reduce or eliminate hip joint pain.

Leg Swing

For someone who would have a difficult time performing exercises while lying on the floor, this would be an excellent choice. With this, an individual would sit on the edge of a sturdy table, allowing both legs to dangle freely over the edge at the knees. Next, one hand would be placed on the middle portion of the left thigh and the other hand placed on top while pressing down.

The goal of this exercise is to try to lift the thigh off the table while using pressure of the hands as resistance. The attempt would be held five seconds, followed by letting the leg rest. Experts recommend someone using this exercise to get pain relief start with 10 repetitions but eventually, increasing the number to 30 or even 40. After working the left leg, the same process would be repeated for the right thigh.

Knee to Chest

This too ranks among the best exercises for joint pain. The exercise begins with a person lying on the floor on the back, bending both knees, and keeping the feet planted firmly on the floor. Both hands would be placed beneath the left knee, followed by gently pulling that knee up toward the chest. With the back straight, the position would be held for five seconds and then the knee returned to the starting position.

After the left knee has been exercises, the same movements would be completed for the right knee. Initially, a person should complete 10 knee lifts for each leg but in time, the number of repetitions could be increased to 20. This particular exercise works primarily for painful sacroiliac joints, which are located between the sacrum and ilium bones in the pelvis.

Butterfly Stretch

The last of the exercises for joint pain we wanted to suggest is called the butterfly stretch, which works by stretching muscles in the buttocks so joint pain associated with the sacroiliac can be reduced or eliminated. A person would lie down on the floor on the back, bending both knees, and keeping the feet flat. Next, the feet would be tilted slightly, allowing the outside area to rest on the floor, followed by placing the bottom of the feet together. With this done, the knees would be allowed to drop out toward the floor.

The person’s hands would then be placed on the hipbones, which helps keep the spine in the right position. Having the knees dropped outward, slight stretching in the pelvic area would be felt. The position would be held for 10 seconds and then the knees pulled back up. At first, only 10 exercises for joint pain of this type would be completed, eventually increasing to 20 repetitions.

About the author:

Andy Terry provides exercise and rehabilitation products to all ages and also to medical institutions in the UK. For more information please see

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