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Wednesday August 15, 2018

Three-fold attack for Six Pack Abs

Written by Azer Aliyev

3 steps to a six packThree-fold attack for a six-pack


One of the many things gym goers up and down the country still fail to grasp is how to attain that holy grail of aesthetic perfection – the elusive six-pack, or in other words perfectly visible abdominal muscles. You see everyone has a six-pack, you, me, your uncle etc... The only problem is for most it is not visible due to layers of fat that hides it. Very few individuals in gyms have what you would call ripped abs, on the other hand some have had it almost all their lives due to naturally low body fat levels and very good genes, whereas others have worked hard and were smart with their training and diet to obtain it. However, most who don’t understand the key components for accomplishing the goal of getting that impressive hard stomach end up falling by the wayside and never realising their dream.

You see it is irrelevant how many crunches, sit ups or other ab exercises one does if there is subcutaneous fat on top of the stomach, hence the key to revealing the hidden six-pack that everyone possesses is by losing that fat. The trick to getting rid of that fat is a combination of a sensible diet and proper training consisting of weight training and cardio work.

The aim of this article is to present 3 methods that can be utilised in the gym, at home or even when out and about.


Method 1: Post workout cardio in the gym

One mistake a lot of trainers make is doing their cardio work before their weight training, whilst there is nothing wrong with doing a bit of gentle cardio pre-workout as a warm up, it is counterproductive to do a full blown cardio session before hitting the weights. In order to train with weights one needs to have a full supply of glycogen levels in their body, by doing too much cardio before the weights one would feel significantly weaker and not able to profit from the muscle building effect of weight training as the body would be running on empty. On the other hand if one starts with weights, he or she would have the energy and strength for a thorough weight session and then do the cardio work at the end when the glycogen stores are depleted. This is the beautiful part as when there are no more glycogen stores left, the body will use its fat stores for energy, hence by doing cardio post workout the body will tap into its fat stores for energy rather than glycogen and as result more fat loss is achieved. This method is a favourite amongst bodybuilders when trying to lean up for a contest and would be equally effective for anyone wishing to lose body fat and preserve muscle. Any type of cardio will be effective though the treadmill and elliptical crosstrainer would be the recommended choice due to more calorie expenditure than say using a stationary bike.


Tommy Jeffers absMethod 2: Kettlebell training at home

The kettlebell or girya (in Russian) has recently become one of the most popular strength and conditioning tools in the Western world, whether that be in gyms or in professional training centres. Initially used by athletes in the old Soviet Union, the kettlebell is great at improving one’s fitness and burning body fat regardless if you are an average Joe trying to lose that spare tyre or if you are an elite athlete looking for that extra edge in performance. The beauty of a kettlebell is you can easily train with it in the comfort of your home, and kettlebell training should not take you more than 15-30 minutes to complete, hence they are perfect for a short yet super effective workout at home. There are tons of different kettlebell exercises available, but for most just sticking to the most basic 3 of swings, clean and press, and snatch would be more than enough. Doing a combination of those 3 exercises for say 20 minutes will yield similar results as doing standard cardio (i.e. running) for twice as long, only you don’t need to leave the confines of your home and also training with a kettlebell is significantly more fun. It should be noted that kettlebell training for all its benefits is not easy as it will tax your whole body and your lungs will scream for mercy, for this reason sessions must be short and also beginners should not start with a kettlebell heavier than 12 or 16kg, progressing to doing more reps and eventually a heavier kettlebell once ready.


Method 3: Walking

Out of all methods advised, this is by far the easiest one to do and the most practical one to apply, hence there can be no excuses for avoiding this one. Simply put, try and walk as much as you can during your day. If your work place is within walking distance, don’t take the car and instead get up earlier and walk to work. When at work or other places where a lift is available, avoid it and instead take the stairs. On the weekends when you don’t have to rush anywhere, take your time and walk instead of using public transport or taking the car. There are always opportunities in a day to be more active and walk instead of taking the easy way out. Walking for a cumulative 20-40 minutes in your whole day, every day will add up and will have a significant benefit on fat loss, energy levels, along with giving a sense of well being and improving one’s health.  



Obtaining the much revered six-pack is not as complicated as some make it out to be, there is no need for fancy exercises or other ridiculous gimmicks (i.e. ab belts or ‘magic’ fat loss pills). All it takes is consistent exercise and a sensible diet. By applying the 3 methods discussed, the body’s natural fat burning furnace will be in motion and as long as the diet is kept in check this should result in visible fat loss and voila your very own six-pack has finally arrived.


About the author:

Strength Expert Azer Aliyev

Azer Aliyev is originally from Azerbaijan (South of Russia) and now lives in London, UK. He started training with weights during his teenage years around 10 years ago and has been competing in the sport of powerlifting for 5 years, representing my country Azerbaijan in numerous international competitions.

Azer has a general interest for all strength sports and particularly like kettlebell training. He has a MA Degree from the University College London (UCL) in Institutions, Development and Globalisation.

Azer has always competed in the 100kg class and has been drug-free all of his life. His best competition lifts (all RAW) are:

- Squat: 220kg, 240kg (in knee wraps)

- Bench Press: 155kg

- Deadlift: 245kg

YouTube channel:


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