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Wednesday August 15, 2018
Surfing is a Great WorkoutAs the summer approaches, we’re all looking for ways to keep up our training, without spending hour after hour in a gym. There’s nothing worse than sitting on an indoor bicycle at the gym or running on a treadmill when you could be outside, breathing in that fresh air and feeling the sun beaming down on your back. The problem, though, is that for those of us that need high intensity workouts, it can be hard to fit in a solid workout unless we go to the gym. Here, my friends, is where I’d like to introduce you to the multiple physical and mental benefits of surfing. The ultimate upper-body workout in the ultimate surroundings – the ocean!


When you think of surfing, you probably think you need a lot of balance which comes from strong legs and a powerful core. This is true. Twisting and pumping up and down the waves requires incredible leg strength. What “non-surfers” don’t seem to realise, though, is that surfers spend most of their time pulling themselves through the water and underneath the waves, with nothing but the power of their arms and shoulders. This requires incredible upper-body strength and provides an insanely intensive workout.

 Primary Benefits of Surfing

How to get a Surfers BodyA Strong Core

Surfers benefit from powerful core muscles, developed from constantly balancing their body on the board, whilst paddling through the water.

Great Muscle Tone

Surfing is high intensity, especially in big waves. This generates good muscle tone (and a great tan in the summer months!) Have you ever noticed that most surf fashion is designed to show off a toned midriff and well defined arms?

A Strong Back

As you face down on the board, you naturally work your back muscles as you “swan-arch” your back, so that you can watch where you are going.

Powerful Shoulders and Chest

As you paddle through the waves and push yourself up on to your feet, you will constantly be using your shoulders and chest muscles.  You also use your chest muscles to push the board under or above the waves.

Secondary Benefits of Surfing

Peace of Mind

Surfers tend to be more relaxed than most people. Being out in the ocean does something for your soul that no other sport can do. Surfing relies on Mother Nature; it’s a natural way of life.

Life Satisfaction & A Sense of Belonging

Most surfers agree that they revolve their lives around their surfing. Holidays tend to be highly active – no sitting by the pool getting fat all day! Early morning surfs (when the waves are best) give surfers an active start to the day and most surfers would prefer to have an early night to a night in a pub, because they don’t want to miss out on the morning swells.

All-in-all, surfers tend to be very fit and healthy, but more than that; they are happy and content.

Written by Ben who works for Nucleus – the UK’s leading supplier of Skate Shoes and Surf Clothing.


0 #1 Neo Anderson 2012-05-31 05:27
Through Surfing Workout, you can get your dream physique and figure. This is one of the best workout which you can enjoy and burn your fat.

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