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Wednesday August 15, 2018

Strength Training for Muscle Mass

Written by Jennifer Jones

Strength Training: Key to Weight Gain Bodybuilding model Bill Simpsonand Muscle building

There are three variables that are required to define the term workout: Volume, Intensity and Weight. One can't define the exact stats of how much weight a person can gain with the help of strength training because it varies on the program that you are performing and also it depends on your body type. The purpose behind the strength training is to add bulk to your body. Generally it is seen that people got confused in weight training and strength training, they actually assume that both of them are similar, but the thing is, they differ from each other. In simple terms weight training is performed in order to reduce the body fat and strength training is performed to enhance your muscle mass.

People who are interested in strength training would likely to gain their body weight, it does not mean that your muscle weigh more than the fat. Instead, your body fat will get reduced if you're working on strength training. Eventually if you plan to increase your muscle mass, then in return you will be rewarded with the weight gain and that too in terms of healthy weight gain. Few benefits of the strength training are as follows:

Builds Endurance

Strength training help in increasing your endurance level that further allows you to exercise for longer period of time. Many of the athletes who are competing in the marathons prefer to do strength training these training help them build more strength so that they can perform better.

Muscle Mass                  

Strength training helps in maintaining and enhancing your muscle mass. These exercise and enhancement in muscle mass is not only for the bodybuilders and athletes, even a normal person can also be a part of such training sessions.

Increased Bone density

Due to the deficiency in bone density osteoporosis is found in most of the people. Weight and strength training also helps in contributing increased bone density and a healthier body.

Now the question arises how to build strength through strength raining? To be very honest it takes enough time to be compatible with this exercise pattern. You are allowed to adopt variety of different patterns for the strength training such as:

Weight Lifting

One of the easiest methods to build the strength is to begin with barbells. Begin with a light weight and focus on the technique and add the weight accordingly once you are used to it. The more weight you lift, the stronger you result into. Some other examples include Bench Press, Overhead, Deadlift, Squats, etc. During weight lifting either by your own or with the help of machine it is always recommended to have someone standing beside you for your support and to supervise you. Best result will come out only when you perform the exercises in the right way.

Body weight Exercises

The body weight exercises force you to use your body strength as your resistance power. It can be hard during the initial phases or it might happen that you feel lack of the strength, in that case you should emphasis on your diet and if you think that your diet isn't sufficient to boost you up with strength and energy in that case you can try USP Labs health supplements. Some examples of this exercise are: Push-Ups, Dips, Pull Ups, etc.

Besides, following the pattern of exercises, do not forget to fuel yourself properly. Being on a healthy diet is a good option but there are dieters that make fatal mistakes by not maintaining a balance in their meal portions and supplements.


There are few things that you have to keep in mind when you are performing strength training. It happens many times that during the exercise we feel some jerk or pop up pain during weight lifting, if you came across such situations then without delay consult to your trainer or doctor before resuming the exercise. It might be possible that your trainer needs to make some changes in your daily exercise pattern for sometime but you can save yourself from the heavy injury. You have to be more stabilized with your exercise movements when you are working in the gym. If you have initiated the training, then stick to the pattern of the exercise for at least 6-7 weeks to maintain the pace and then you can increase the intensity of the strength training.

You can consult to a specialized trainer for the strength training as it is one of the oldest disciplines and it requires an expert’s guidance at the time of performing, and you need to ensure that your training program should revolve around body weight exercises and weight lifting exercises. To get better results emphasis on the diet and protein health supplements they will help in maintaining a balance and provides your strength to work hard.

About the author: Jennifer Jones is a fitness instructor out of Toronto Canada who promotes nutritional supplements for USP Labs Direct


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