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Saturday August 18, 2018

easy strength training tips for beginnersJust Do It: 6 Easy-to-Implement Tips When Starting Strength Training

So, you’ve decided to finally begin working on a lift routine? You’ve got your weights in your hand, and you’re ready to go – or are you? Read on for six things you must keep in mind as you hit the weight room.

Know Where to Turn

You’ve decided to go to the gym to lift, but where do you go for information beforehand? If your first thought was to pick up a few muscle mags, think again. The few muscle magazines that aren’t filled with advertisements don’t offer the best advice for beginners. Instead, visit websites like, or, and keep in mind that you are new at this, so keep an open mind and listen to the professionals. In addition to picking up a routine and learning technique, note that you may require a few accessories, such as strength tape, which can be purchased at, and can be used in the midst of a workout as well as during recovery.

Focus Your Efforts on Full Body Exercises:

Before you train your biceps, you must master a number of full-body movements, it’s best if you can do 15 push-ups and pull-ups before you start focusing on curls. To master these exercises, you’ll want to perform a compound exercise routine for the first three months. If you’re disappointed that you won’t be able to curl like you've been dreaming about, take heart: Compound exercises will make you stronger, help you burn fat and build muscle evenly throughout the body. 

Follow an Actual Program:

You’re going to need a routine – particularly one designed for a beginner. There are many forums and professionals that can be consulted before started a program, as they know which programs are a waste of time, and what actually works. There are many good books out there to suit your needs, and one that comes to mind is "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe. There are quite a few suitable routines available to you, but it’s important to pick a routine that centers on the guidelines you are currently reading. 

Work on Your Form:

Before you give the Nike motto life you must learn proper form, and like any sport, it’s much easier to learn proper form the outset than it is to go back and undo the bad. Practice proper form with little to no weights in front of a mirror, or with a trainer until you’re sure you’re doing it right. 

Deadlift, Deadlift, Deadlift:

You must learn the proper deadlift technique – unless you want to damage your back – but it’s absolutely essential to establish this exercise into your routine from the start. You may feel silly at first, but your boosted metabolism will thank you for it. Do not delay; learn how to deadlift today. 

Perform Your Full-Body Workouts Three Times a Week:

Since you’re doing full-body workouts, you’ll want to hit the weights three times each week. This means that three times a week, you’re giving the muscles of your chest, back, legs and arms a workout on the same day. Don’t worry about splitting your workouts by muscle group until you’ve mastered your current routine. 

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