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Saturday August 18, 2018

Staying Natural

Written by Michael Sztym
Thinking about steroids - how to stay naturalThe text below was taken from a post at Lift for Life Forums. The initial title of the thread was "Another reason to Stay Natural". This could be considered as Part 2 of another post titled "Steroids, the Price You Pay".

If you are even thinking about using steroids, you owe it to yourself to read this brief article first.

The single greatest motivator to stay natural is risk education. When you take the time to study all the things that could potentially go wrong after prolonged gear use most sane people go "Not a CHANCE I'm messing with that".

But here’s a sobering thought for anyone thinking about messing with gear. All it takes is one tiny air bubble to cause a potentially life ending stroke.

"But gear is intramuscular, how can that be?" the crowd murmurs. Easy. Every single time you jab that needle into your flesh you do it 100% blind. You have no way of knowing if you've punctured a vein. Oh sure you can aspirate til the cows come home but what’s to say that when you aspirated you weren’t just the most minute distance from a vein. When you aspirate all is clear but when you go to depress that plunger the needle moves forward just that tiny little bit and now you're sitting right in the middle of a major vein. The air bubble goes in, shoots up to the brain and you spend the rest of your life pooin on your self and eating baby food.

As silly as it sounds though, even worse than that to me are pulmonary embolisms. A tiny bubble of gear gets sucked up through the blood stream and enters the lungs. This is most commonly attributed to a chemical called Tren but it can happen with almost anything. Coughing ensues that will convince you death is imminent. I swear by all that’s holy you truly believe you’re going to die the first time it hits you. You don’t die, however, but what you might be left with is scarring of the lung tissue. BIG FUN!

Abscesses are the least of your worries but they can happen. More commonly though are simply injection sites that are irritated or inflamed, often to the point where its difficult to walk or sit on the toilet. Sometimes it gets so bad I've actually entertained the thought of just crappin in my pants because it would be easier to throw away a pair of drawers and then grabbing a shower than to sit on that damned toilet seat.

But people make the decision to do gear everyday. Despite all the potential pitfalls (of which I haven’t even scratched the surface). And we have to respect that decision. Because ultimately we have to realize that gear in and of itself is not the devil its made out to be. In fact many chemicals used today to build mass were at one time medications used quite successfully to treat illnesses. So the inherent problems with gear lie not in gear as much as in ourselves.

Though we try not to be, or perhaps simply not to admit it, we are all vain. We care about how we look, not just to ourselves but to others as well. Not saying that is a bad thing, simply saying that’s how BBers and resistance training athletes are. We are appearance conscious.

That is illustrated by the hours we spend in the gym. The agonizing last reps we squeeze out despite the pain and the exhaustion all speak to our desire to be more than we are, more than the guy next to us. We chase a dream, a vision which exists in our minds, of what we want to see when we look in the mirror. It literally haunts some of us day and night.

So along comes this tool, this chemical, and it promises to bring us closer to that image in our minds. It whispers of speedy results and wonderful gains and we listen. We try it. We give in.

The ultimate pitfall of gear is our own vanity. It feeds that need we have to be great, to be a step apart. Its in its addictive quality that the true danger of gear lives and breathes. It consumes you, it possesses you. If 1 cycle was good than two more should be better! If I made all these gains on just some test and dbol then on test, anadrol and eq I should make WAY more!

And *poof* just like that it has you. And just like that your IQ drops to somewhere around the level of a dead toad. You start doing things that deep down you KNOW are stupid but you cant help yourself. I've seen guys reuse needles because they couldn’t afford to buy new ones. So they rinsed them in alcohol and sterile water, boiled them, the whole 9 . . . and never once let themselves acknowledge the fact that all they really had was a science experiment in the making. Bacteria is pretty tough my friends. It often takes more than a little hot water to deter it.

At any rate . . . I would plead with anyone who, in spite of all that I've ranted and raved about, still finds themselves wanting to take that step to the darkside to READ, READ, READ!!! Learn everything you can about gear and its use. Learn about sterility and how to maintain a sterile field to minimize the risk of infection. And then, after all that, come talk to me so I can verbally smack you in the back of the head and ask you what the HELL you're thinking . . .

Sorry for the novel everyone . . .


Always remember, slow and steady wins the day.

Michael Sztym, "Old Dawg"

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Steroids, The Price You Pay

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