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Saturday August 18, 2018

Paramount Posterior - by Kellie Davis3 Surefire Ways to Build a Paramount Posterior

Nothing promotes self-esteem better than a rounded, rock-solid pair of glutes, but are you doing the right things to get them? You eat all your peas and carrots, and squats and deadlift every week just like Mom taught you. Unfortunately, all the squatting and deadlifting in the world won’t add up to a dominant derriere unless you learn to fire your glutes properly and add in some accessory glute movements.

The glute muscles are unique to humans, and actually quite a finicky group. They only work when you force them to, and would prefer to laze around and let other muscles bear the brunt of the work.  Before your backside slips into a coma, try these 3 surefire ways to build a beautiful booty.

Move up the ladder by firing those glutes!


The glutes are a stubborn, lazy pair and they only begin to work after you fire them.  The best way to get your glutes functioning properly is the consistently activate them during all movements. How do you go about that? The first thing you must do is pay attention to how they feel when you train. When you perform exercises like squats, deadlifts, 45-degree hyper extensions, and walking lunges, what muscles have you running for the ice bath after a few sets?

If it’s your glutes, bravo! But if your quads, low back, or hamstrings cry mercy most often, then you aren’t properly activating your glute muscles. Don’t worry; this is a very common problem because weak glute muscles cause other surrounding muscle groups to pick up the slack. However, with the proper technique you can learn to recruit your glutes for maximum performance in just a few short weeks.

Here are two exercises you can practice every day to get those glutes firing properly (Yes, I said every day. You don’t think workers showed up once a week to build the Washington Monument, do you?)

Bodyweight glute bridges—lie on your back and place your feet on the floor near your butt.  Push through your heels as you raise your hips up. You want to feel your glutes doing most of the work. If you feel your low back or hamstrings straining, then maneuver around until those glutes kick in. Do 3 sets of 10-20 glute bridges 6 days per week.


Bodyweight glute bridges - low position Bodyweight glute bridges - high position

Side-lying hip abduction—from a side lying position, raise the top leg straight up, contracting your glutes. Be sure to stay on your side, and to not roll over as your leg rises. Do 3 sets of 10-20 on each side 6 days per week.

Side-lying hip abduction Side-lying hip abduction high position

Power-up those glutes during other exercises

Perform the above suggested exercises for two weeks straight and you will feel the difference in your butt. Your glutes will be noticeably stronger and sit a little taller with a new found confidence. Once you get used to forcing those muscles to work, it’s time to recruit them for other big lifts. Now, I don’t just mean squats and deadlifts. Hopefully by this time you can use your glutes to fire up out of the bottom of these lifts.

Contract your glutes during other strength training exercises that don’t always directly involve them. Squeeze your buns tightly to support your bench press. Hold your glutes firm as you power through a military press. Be completely conscious of how your glutes are working during all exercise in which you are not seated.

Additionally, recruit your glutes when you walk, run hill sprints, or perform other methods of cardio exercise. At first this may seem daunting, but after a while you will squeeze your booty even when walking through the grocery store.

Get stronger in your lifts with accessory movements

As previously mentioned, you want your beloved squats and deadlifts in your weekly workout routine. But it’s time to add some accessory hip-dominant exercises to your training schedule. These will not only complement your standard lower body lifts, but will also improve your strength all around.

Here is a video I made with strength and conditioning expert”>Bret Contreras a couple years ago showcasing accessory glute exercises. This isn’t a typical workout; so don’t gear up to perform this exactly as shown. Choose 2 or 3 exercises shown here and add them to your lower body or full body routines.

Unlike other large muscle groups, you’re glutes will not kick into action unless you learn to activate them properly.  Quality glute activation takes time, but over the course of several weeks, you should feel them automatically fire when recruited for big lifts.

Kelly Davis Fitness Writer

Kellie Davis Athlete Profile


About the author: Kellie Davis holds a Bachelor’s degree from Florida Gulf Coast University, competes as a natural figure athlete, and works as a professional writer.  She has penned content for personal trainers, strength and conditioning experts, sports supplement companies, online fitness magazine sites, and fitness facilities. Davis is the co-author of Bret Contreras’s female strength training manual titled


Contreras, B. (2009, September 16). Dispelling the glute myth. T-Nation, Retrieved from

Verstegen, M. (2006). Core performance essentials:the revolutionary nutrition and exercise plan adapted for everday use. Rodale, Inc.

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