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Wednesday August 15, 2018

Avoid these 5 Common Bulking Mistakes

Written by Milo Dragutinovic

5 Simple mistakes people make while bulking

5 Mistakes People Make while BulkingLeading a healthy lifestyle is no easy accomplishment in the modern world, as we live a markedly different lifestyle from that of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. We tread through a world of easy and immediate access to fast food and junk snacks, which we turn to in moments of weakness and hunger.

There are those who wish to turn away from the lassitudes of the modern lifestyle, and instead put on muscle mass in order to better tackle everything life may throw at us. "Bulking up" is the term used in reference to adding mass to our bodies in order to strengthen and fine tune them. However, there is an entire galaxy out there of methods to bulk up, and so few of them are actually appropriate for our health and well-being.

This article will go in depth into five simple yet counterproductive mistakes that people make while bulking up. Knowledge is the first step in getting back on the right path, so use these guidelines as a map towards your ultimate destination: fitness. 

1. Eating Unhealthy

This is perhaps the most obvious and most insidious barrier to healthy bulking. It is a real tragedy when bodybuilders fall into the trap of eating foods that will simply cause a mass gain, without proper thought towards also fueling the machine that our body is. Calories can be one of two things: empty or nutritious. So-called "empty" calories come from those foods which are severely lacking in nutritional value. While they can definitely cause a gain in mass, they can have long-lasting negative impacts (insidious ones that are more subtle).

Empty calories can help you put on mass, but in the end...they exact a cost on the body. It seems common sense that whatever you put into your body should be of the highest quality possible, doesn't it? And yet so many people neglect this simple idiom. Bulking up by eating nutrient-dense foods means that you are getting high quality mass. By eating healthy, clean foods, your body can actually function better and be more efficient at utilizing your nutrients - in the long run, making your body run like a well-oiled machine.

2. Avoiding Cardio

Lots of bodybuilders will avoid cardio for a fallacious argument: cardio burns mass. Advocating this view is grasping at straws, and is intellectually and physically lazy. Increasing cardiovascular exercise does burn energy and fat, but it actually speeds up your metabolism - meaning that your body will be demanding more fuel - meaning your appetite will increase accordingly. Unless you restrict yourself like some people do in conjunction with the goal of losing weight, then you have no need to worry.

Neglecting cardio is also a bad idea in terms of becoming a better athlete. Cardio is all important when it comes to athletics. Cardio increases endurance, builds lean muscle mass, and strengthens your internal systems like circulation and digestion. With increased endurance, you will be able to train harder...putting on more mass in the long run

3. Low Intensity Training

This is the opposite of High Intensity Interval Training, the golden baby of most fat-burning diet and lifestyle changes. Low Intensity Training, is, like most of the mistakes on here, a result of laziness. By not pushing your body, you are not improving your physical aptitude. Putting on bulk should be done in a way that improves performance, and by not pushing our physical limits, we cannot grow...or bulk up in any substantial manner. 

4. Not Tracking Macronutrients

We count macronutrients such as protein and carbohydrates as some of the most important building blocks of bulking up. However, there is a science to ensuring that we receive these in the right amounts, proportions, and at the right times. Many people interested in bulking up have surely heard of the "protein window" - this is the idea that there are certain times during the day when it is appropriate to consume protein because of how our metabolism functions.

There are certainly peak times during which the body can better utilize and assimilate protein into muscle mass, and keeping track of when you consumer protein, and how much of it you are getting, is key to bulking up in the most efficient manner. 

5. Gaining Weight Too Fast

However, all these pointers come with a caveat: do not gain weight too fast. While you surely have a goal set in mind, it must be a realistic one or you can put undue strain on your body, thereby risking your health and well-being. Focus on what you look and feel like - not what the number on the scale is.

It simply is not reasonable to expect your body to put on pound after pound of lean muscle, week after week There is an upper limit, and after that, you will simply be putting on fat. Bulking up responsibly is the mantra to keep in mind as you gain weight and muscle mass. You want to feel your best doing it, as you reach your goal pound by pound.


Milo DragutinovicMilo Dragutinovic is an avid health nut and a fitness enthusiast. He is an author on and enjoys writing about general health and fitness info along with reviewing and ranking supplements.



0 #1 Karim 2013-11-18 15:04
I was having a similar discussion with a client today. It is so easy to get carried away with the scale and end up putting on more fat then muscle.

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