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Saturday August 18, 2018

Kettlebell Fitness

Written by Joe Gibson

Kettlebell FitnessTorch fat, build strength, and improve cardio fitness in one move
If you haven’t yet caught on to the Kettlebell craze for your fitness regime, you’re missing out. Despite the odd name, Kettlebells have nothing in common with either coffee or churches, but rather present a great new challenge for fitness enthusiasts which burn fat quickly, enhance your body strength rapidly, and improve your cardio fitness all in one go. What could be better for someone looking to achieve tone, fitness and strength in a fun new way?

The lowdown on Kettlebells
In the gym or home fitness studio, quickly. Also known as the girya, the Kettlebell is a weight made of cast iron, which is shaped a bit like a cannonball with a handle for enhanced movement. The Kettlebell has actually been around for a few years, but over the past few months they have enjoyed a real resurgence in popularity as fitness enthusiasts realize the great potential of these clever little devices to bring outstanding results in minimal time.
Kettlebells come in a range of sizes, weighted from between two and one hundred pounds. They’ve taken off in popularity as people realize the massive benefits to be had in going back to traditional exercise which uses the whole body, through physical exercise that improves overall body strength while giving a cardio boost at the same time.

Kettlebell ExerciseHow do we use Kettlebells for maximum effect?
Controlling a Kettlebell uses the whole body, improving core strength and requiring balance and fitness to get maximum results. They use groups of muscles simultaneously, enhancing the workout as you exercise with them. The best way to exercise with Kettlebells is to first of all learn how to use them to maximum effect, so engage a personal trainer or fitness instructor from your local gym to help you make the most of them. Once you get the hang of it, you can go on to achieve superb fitness results in double-quick time on your own. You can do a series of exercises such as the Kettlebell Swing, which draw on strength from the glutes and hamstrings, and is a favorite for many athletes.

Taking it steady
One of the most important things to remember about Kettlebell training is that you need to start off slowly and gradually build up to heavier weights once you are completely comfortable with what you need to do to make the most of them. If you jump in with too heavy a weight, Kettlebells can do some serious damage, so make sure you start safely and then work up to outstanding strength through heavier weights once you are ready!

If you are looking for a new approach to your strength training, then try out some Kettlebells from Escape Fitness.

Thanks for reading, Joe Gibson

If you are looking for a new approach to your strength training, then try out some Kettlebells from Escape Fitness.

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