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Wednesday August 15, 2018

How to get fit on a budget

Written by Kirstin

How to get fit on a budget


How to get fit on a budgetYou don’t need a gym membership to get fit

The fitness market is like any market, a place where capitalist conglomerates sell products that consumers want, not need. So what do you need to get fit? The answer is determination to succeed, will power to avoid temptations like bad food choices or apathy to train and a good training plan.

Depending on your plan you may need some outdoor space to run around in and/or some indoor space to roll around on.

You may require some weights to push and pull around and although this sounds costly, it’s time to get creative! How about lifting bags of sand/pebbles/shopping or carrying children around.

You may need to do some suspension training aka TRX work, again here why not just tie a piece of rope around a tree, most of the exercises can be performed like this.

Kettlebell training can be simulated with any weighted object that you can perform a swing with such as a rucksack filled with sand and so the list goes on.

You don’t need to buy expensive organic food

Although organic food is probably healthier for you it is not the only solution to a balanced fuelling option. What you will need to do is learn what food sources you require in order to attain good health and fitness and then work out your food budget.

Invest a little time into recipe research and find some recipes that cover the food groups in the right proportions for your plan that you can afford. It is usually much cheaper to buy ingredients fresh and individually rather than a packaged re made version of the meal.

Consider also that cooking in larger volumes then portioning up and freezing for future use is often a very cost effective way to eat, this is particularly true for people looking to bulk in muscle


You don’t need supplements

You need an education instead; what I mean is that you need to learn what you need and from what foods you can find these vitamins, minerals and other essential components for good health. There is a huge array of natural foods that can provide all of the benefits of so called “fat burners”, “metabolic boosters”, “multi vitamins” etc..... and if you balance your meals correctly you will get all that you need from your food


You don’t need all the kit

What you will probably need though is 1 pair of decent footwear and as a woman a decent sports bra. That’s about it, no gadgets, gizmos or go fast stripes can buy talent, motivation and guts. So get out there, get dirty and learn where your limits are and how to break through them. Good luck!

Kirstin is a Brighton personal trainer and has a deep interest in health and fitness related matters.


0 #1 Jake Long 2013-12-05 06:27
Love these tips. Fitness on a budget can be definitely be done, and it doesn't have to be complicated. I especially like the trx switched out with a rope.

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