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Saturday August 18, 2018

big muscle on a small budgetHow to Build Muscle on a Tight Budget

At the start of 2013 my long term partner and I split up and she moved out the house. This meant that things were going to be a lot tighter for me financially and one of the things I had to look to cut down the costs on was my gym membership, supplements and food. It was a catch 22 situation because my training was something to keep me focused so I certainly didn't want to stop it altogether.

First of all I decided as I had a spare room I was going to build up my own little gym. I had toyed with the idea before so already had an idea of what I wanted. As I would be training on my own I decided to go for a power cage. The main reason being, it is safe to train on your own because there are safety bars which for example when training chest, you can set just level with your chest so if you don't make that last rep, you can lower the bar onto the safety bars and slide out so you don't need a spotter. Fortunately there was somebody selling one not too far away. This particular one has the dip bar attachments and a built in chin up bar so as far as exercises go, you can pretty much do everything with it safely, bench press, squats, chin-ups, dips etc. Add into that the exercises where you don’t need a bench or cage like deadlifts and arm curls and you are pretty much covered. I picked a second hand bench up and an oly bar with 200kg of weights and I was good to go. All in all it cost about £400 so there was a bit of an out lay but that was around 6 month membership so it will pay for itself.

The next thing was supplements, protein powders, weight gain shakes etc. I’m sure in the past I’ve had that many protein powders in my kitchen that I could have started my own supplement shop. Well I have changed this now. All I do is buy 1 whey protein from a bulk supplier and 1 protein blend. If I’m bulking I’ll just add things like oats, peanut butter, olive oil etc to my blend. Before bed, instead of having a casein shake I just put either some flaxseed oil or some ground flaxseed in the blend protein which slows the absorption down and saves the need for another type of protein. If you look well you can normally find a voucher or some type of price match to keep the cost low.

Finally to cut down on my food bills I have started buying and cooking in bulk. At the start of the week I’ll get 10 clip and lock boxes and cook something like a big batch of chilli with rice and vegetables for 5 meals and batch of chicken, brown pasta and a tomato based sauce with veg. I’ll throw various spices in to flavour things up. Split it into the 10 tubs and that’s my dinners and tea’s for the week. I have started buying thing like chicken in 5kg boxes and splitting them into freezer bags, frozen bags of vegetables and big bags of rice and pasta. By doing this, not only does it cut the cost because I am buying in bulk, also because I already have my meals for the week I don’t need to call at the shops mid week and just buy single meals which tends to end up with me picking other stuff up I don’t really need.

Hopefully this article has helped you if for whatever reason you are having to cut your costs or if you want to start training properly but think you can’t afford it all.

Daniel Lett

Owner of new fitness and nutrition website

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