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Wednesday August 15, 2018

Garage Gym on a Budget

Written by James Jackson

Equipment Needed for a Garage Gym on a Budget

garage gym on a budget

Building a gym in your garage doesn't have to break your bank. With some shopping frugality you can put together an at home gym that will last for 10 years at the cost of a 1 year gym membership. The first thing that you need to do when putting together your home fitness paradise is to figure out exactly what you will need. Expensive cardio equipment like exercise bikes or rowing machines go out the window when you are trying to build a budget home gym. There's an entire world out there for you to run around in that is completely free!

If you want to set up a gym right in your garage you don’t need to go broke doing this. For the cost of on year’s membership at a gym you can pull together all you need to set up a Gym at home that will last up to 10 years. The first order of business is to determine exactly what is needed to give you the workout you need. If you’re thinking of buying some high priced cardio equipment, maybe a rowing machine or exercise bike forget about it. If you’re on a budget you have to remember that you have the entire neighborhood to jog in and running around is totally free of charge. That’s all the cardio you need!

The 5 must-have pieces of equipment that will be needed to work out all muscle groups and give you a large number of exercise options are as follows:


  • Dumbbells or Kettle Bell

A set of dumbbells are recommended for men, but for women they seem to get better results from a Kettle bell. This will of course depend on what the individual’s fitness goals are. Either one of these is going to cost at most $100. There is a huge range of different exercises that can be performed with these so you certainly will not be bored.

  • Pull Up Bar

People with a muscular back always look sexier. This is true for both men and women. A standard pull up bar will set you back around $25 to $30. The luxury models usually cost around $60. But all you really need is to make sure it’s sturdy and that it will fit solidly into your door opening. With a pull up bar you will be able to work out more than just your back. They’re great for working out your core by lifting your toes to the bar. When you’re stronger you’ll be able to do the “windshield wipers”.

  • Adjustable Bench

You really cannot do without a standard adjustable bench. It isn’t safe to be performing dumbbell flies while on the floor! When you have an adjustable bench in your garage gym you can do triple the amount of different exercises in your workout session. A solid adjustable bench will cost $120 at the most.

  • Olympic Barbell with Weight

The Olympic Barbell is a very important piece of equipment for your home gym. It’s also the most expensive, costing $400 more or less, depending on how much weight is purchased. There are also added bumper plates that can cost up to $300. But the importance of the Olympic Barbell cannot be overstated for any fitness program. Without this piece of equipment you won’t have any strong lifts, and you instantly lose tons of exercise options. If you decide against this, there is no point in buying the Squat Stand or the adjustable bench either.

  • Squat Stand

I know it’s tempting but a full power rack can set you back over $1,500 just by itself and there is just no need for this piece of equipment. A basic, sturdy squat stand will do just fine and even triple your options for a great workout. And this is only going to cost you around $150. When you add this to your bench and the Olympic barbell you’ll be able to do bench presses, incline presses, overhead presses, squats and tons of other exercises.

Other pieces of equipment you may want to add in the future would be:

  • Flooring will offer some protection against the bare cement garage floor. You’re going to be lifting a lot of weight and it only makes sense to invest in some more appropriate flooring.
  • Large mirrors so you can see if your form is proper and of course to admire your gains.
  • Cardio equipment inside the garage is certainly a nice option if you live in a very cold harsh climate. You may just not feel like going on a jog in the freezing cold winter months, but cardio equipment can get expensive.

When you add it all up you can build your garage gym for about $830 depending on what you decide to buy. If you go on you can find all of these items for a lot less than I listed here. The prices I gave you were the average for each item. With some creative penny pinching you might even be able to get everything for under $600. If you do want to learn more about the less expensive options, I have included a lot more details on my website. There you can see which products to purchase and where you can get a better price point.

Good luck in building your garage gym

Author James Jackson - home gym expertJames, Owner of – A site that walks you through the process of building your own home gym

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