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Wednesday August 15, 2018

Thinking about changing your protein powder?

Written by Christian Møller

Considering Changing Your Protein Powder?

change protein powderYou probably just assume that protein powder is beneficial, right?

Im not the one to tell you that its not, but which product are you currently using?

Whey protein? Thats what I thought. A study showed that 97% of people purchasing protein powders are only buying whey. Contrary another study said that 9-10% are intolerant to lactose and or dairy.

This means that you should seriously consider changing your whey protein powder for a different kind of powder because you might be intolerant to the one you are currently using. Whey have become the default protein powder because of its great amino acid content, great taste and easy accesability.

Most gyms only sell whey protein powders for crying out loud. Most people will never consider changing, but you will - at least I hope so.

So what are the alternatives to whey? Well you could chose casein, hemp, rice, pea, soy, egg or even beef. I actually created a chart to show you the specs of the different protein powders - this chart was a part of a greater guide on my website in danish.

I excluded beef because its so new and hemp because a scoop only consist of 50% protein.

I call this chart the protein powder menu card.


Protein InfoGraphic - Click to enlarge


Can you guess, which powder is the best? You guessed right.. Whey is outstanding and without a doubt the best powder if put everything else aside.

If you are lactose or dairy intolerant however whey will make you stomach ache and cause inflammation that will stall you improvements. So if this is the case then you need to go for one of the alternatives.

protein-vs-proteinThe best alternative, without lactose and dairy, is rice protein. Rice protein alone sadly doesn’t deliver a complete protein source for muscle gains or muscle protection while loosing weight. You have to mix it 1:1 with pea protein to create a worthy competitor for whey.

I asked a Danish expert on the subject. Mads Johansen, Ph.D. in Musclebiologi and Biochemistry. He said: “Whey is definately the prefered protein powder and with good reason. Whey is by far the best protein powder ressource right now but perhabs the some of the others will catch up. If you are lactose intolerant however then using a whey protein will have practically no effect besides inflammation. Yes you will get more protein, which will help your body move to steps ahead. The inflammation of the other hand will make your body take to steps back again. So my suggestion is to use a protein ressource without lactose if your are intolerant - don’t waste your time.”.

So my message for you today is clear. Consider what’s the best choice for your health and your shape.

If you have any question please comment below. I will answer as many questions as possible.

Thanks for reading, Christian Møller 


0 #1 Jorge Gonzales 2014-08-21 11:14
:-? Informative,
Why you excluded beef from the list as I have found many doctors and trainers advising beef as the best food for bodybuilding

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