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Saturday August 18, 2018

Training splits for bigger musclesA training split is the term given for the weekly routine a weight lifter sticks to, in terms of which muscles they'll work together in a session and which day to work them. We will discuss two unique training splits, and their advantages and drawbacks. Helping you choose which split would perfectly suit your individual needs and goals. These splits have been popular since the bodybuilders in the 80's including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, and they remain popuar still today with the likes of Jay Cutler and Phil Heath training in the same way.

A typical training split is a 5 day split, working each muscle once per week.

      • Day 1 Chest and triceps
      • Day 2 Back and biceps
      • Day 3 shoulders
      • day 4 legs
      • day 5 rest
      • then repeat.



    • Less chance of overtraining: As chest exercises often work the triceps, by pairing chest and triceps together in one session, this reduces the risk of overtraining the triceps. If you were to split these muscle groups into different sessions, then your triceps may not be recovered from the chest session done earlier in the week. The same principle applies to back and biceps.
    • Maxmimum of 1 big muscle group in each session: Big muscle groups, involve a high level of intensity during the workout. This is due to being able to lift a lot more weight on the big compound exercises, as opposed to on smaller isolation movements. Big muscle groups include: chest, back and legs. In this split, there is a maximum of just one big muscle group per session. This will make it easier to maintain high energy levels throughout your workout. If two muscle groups are combined, then muscular efficiency may decrease, due to the high energy levels these big exercises require.



    • Training one muscle group just once per week, means you can only overload your muscles and beat your last workout 52 times a year. If you could organise a split where you don't overtrain but could work each muscletwice per week, then that's 104 opportunities to set the stimulus for more growth.
    •  You will not be able to lift as much in your tricep exercises/bicep exercises as you these muscles will not be fresh after completing these heavy compound chest and back exercises (which engage the biceps/triceps).The disadvantage with this is you would be able to lift more weight on these bicep/tricep exercises if your split was organised so you had a day alone to do arms.


6 Day Split

DAY 1 Back and Chest

DAY 2 Rest

DAY 3 Arms

DAY 4 Legs

DAY 5 Shoulders

DAY 6 Rest



    •  Bigger Arms and Upper Body: This 6 day split prioritises your arms and upper body. The idea behind pairing your bicep and tricep exercises, and your back and chest exercises together is so you can achieve a maximum pump in your arms and upper body.

 There's more to achieving a big pump than just looking good. Infact it can actually encourage muscle growth. The bigger pump you achieve the more fascia will stretch and become flexible. Fascia is a rigid and tough tissue surrounding your muscles, which stops your muscles growing bigger due to this constant resistance. Getting a bigger pump will continue to stretch the fascia, increasing its elasticity and helping reduce resistance on your muscles trying to grow bigger. Arnold Schwarzenegger was keen on following this "pump" training philosophy.



    • Infrequent same muscle stimulation: You have to wait an extra day before you can hit the same muscles again compared to the 5 day split. This may result in slight undertraining, where your muscle strength and size can decrease ever so slightly. This isn't a dilemma as these decreases will be on a small scale, however it isn't optimal.
    • 2 big body parts in same workout: By training your back and chest together in the same workout, this can be very demanding (due to the heavy weight used and multiple muscles being engaged). As a result of this, training intensity may suffer.



 No split is better than the other, however each split has its own advantages. It all depends on what your personal goals are, and what you feel needs improvement. If you feel you need to prioritise your arms, then the 6 day split (when you work your biceps and triceps together) would be a smart idea.

 However, if you feel your arms are a good size and you want to really focus on making your pecs bigger, training with the 5 day split, working your chest and tri's together in the same session would help you improve this. Especially as you can go all out on your chest exercises, knowing that you haven't got to perform back exercises after, in contrast to the 6 day split. Instead triceps follow, which don't require as much volume or intensity as back exercises do, as they are a much smaller muscle group


Author Bio Erny is a bodybuilder and personal trainer who specialises in helping people learn how to get a six pack fast, build muscle and burn fat. His mission is to help as many people as possible realise that their dream body can be achieved. 


0 #1 Build The Body 2013-12-06 01:15
This bodybuilding split is a great way to change up your workout routines, and is surely designed to add some mass.

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