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Wednesday August 15, 2018

Amazing Workout with Bands

Written by Cooper Elling

How to get an amazing workout with resistance bandsI use bands all the time and get an amazing workout.  The diversity of exercises you can do with one or a few sets of bands is absolutely incredible and all you need as a little space and a few solid objects to wrap them around.  I’m still a young guy, I’m only 26, but was spoiled in college by the world class rec-center within walking distance that I could use for “free.”  Since college, I still do some type of resistance training a few days a week, but have lived in areas with expensive gym memberships.  Because of that, I typically work out at home or at really basic gym facilities, but when I have my bands with me, I always get an amazing workout.

They’re Just So Versatile

I literally use one band for the all of the exercises I do that aren’t pushups and pull-ups or core workouts.  I use a thick 9-foot band or a thicker 6-foot band with handles that allows me to do plenty of exercises at a wide range of resistance.  I could use them regularly, or fold them in half and even fold them in half again for an exercise such as rows.  Not only that, but as you get tired during an exercise, it’s so easy to slide your hands up the bands a little further, or use 1 leg instead of two so that you can keep going for an amazing burn.

I Work Out More Efficiently

Because there is only one band, I spend so much less time changing exercises or weights, etc.  And for the type of body most people want, I end up getting a circuit training type workout because of how quickly I can change from one exercise to the next, giving you the type of workout that will make you strong, but lean.  I can do a set of rows, then a set of chest press, right into some shoulder rises, into anyone of my other favorite exercises. 

Some of My Favorites 

These are some of my favorite exercises because they focus on more major muscle groups that also get all the secondary muscle groups or balance skills involved along the way.

Chest Press

This is one of my favorites because it is great for your balance as well as being an amazing chest exercise.  I use one a thicker band and fold it in half.  Hold the band in both hands as if you were about to use it like a jump rope.  Step over the band with one foot, this foot will remain on the ground.  Bend the other leg up behind you as if you were stretching your quad and wrap the band around your foot.  So, you are standing on one leg with the band going behind you, being held by your foot.  You should be in the perfect position to do a chest press motion.  Stay balanced and work that core, enjoy the stretch in your lone leg, and work the chest, shoulders and arms.

The Row

Now I realize that first exercise sounded a little complex, but this one is much more simple.  Sit on your butt and fold your band in half.  The amount of resistance you want to use depends on your strength level and the type of results you’re looking to get.  Since I’m a guy, I typically take a thick band and fold it in half twice!  The amount of resistance is amazing.  Hold the band in your hands and wrap the middle around the bottom of your feet.  Pull the bands back towards your lower back.  I can do 12 rows of 150 pounds on a standard machine no problem, but struggle with this one.

Rip It Apart

This is one of my favorites because it’s simple and works your upper back, shoulders and arms.  Simply stand in an athletic position and hold the band out in front of you with your palms down.  Keep your arms relatively straight, stretch and pull the band apart so that it stretches across your chest.  Super simple, but love it.

The Cable Imitation

This is a variety of exercises that I do that mimic what you would do in a gym on a cable rack.  Do this in an area where you can wrap your band or handle of your band around objects both high and low.  I might even use a heavy couch or something like that to secure my band.  No matter how you do it the motions are all similar.  I like to pull the band across my body as if I was hitting a backhand tennis shot to really work the shoulders and arms, but also love to go the other way and do a fly/punching motion across the body.  Really focus on twisting your core while you do these exercises for the best benefit!

Thanks for reading,

Cooper Elling

About the Author

Cooper Elling is passionate about health, fitness & blogging. When he's not working out, he writes about Sono Bello, cooking and a myriad of other topics. He's also active with Sono Bello on Twitter and Sono Bello on Facebook.

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