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Monday June 25, 2018

Ben Tatar

Written by Kerry Dulin

Ben Tatar logo

Writer & Strength Athlete Ben Tatar:


Meet Natural Athlete Ben Tatar, writer, fitness enthusiast, and probably one of the most determined people on the planet. A Google search of Ben’s name quickly reveals that Ben is a prolific writer, frequent contributor to the website Critical Bench, a frequent poster on multiple discussion boards, and co-author of the E-book, “50 Keys to a Bigger Bench”.

Ben Tatar and fitness model

Drop a name of some of the movers and shakers in the bodybuilding and fitness community, and there is a good chance that Ben has already interviewed them. Ask Ben for his opinion on a particular workout and there is a good chance that he has already written an article about it. Ask Ben what his max is on a particular lift is and he will probably tell you that he hasn’t found one yet. Ben is determined. Piercing through the granite of determination is a relentless smile which tells that behind this evolving powerlifter is a young man who just wants to live life to its fullest. At the age of only 24, Ben has already accomplished what many spend a lifetime pursuing; he is already living his dream.


BEN: I am 24 years old, and I'm 5'10 205lbs during the off season and 180lbs during the on season. I stay under 10% body fat year round and I have big lats, pecs and shoulders. I need a size 48 or 50 suit. 

Competitive experience, if any---

 BEN:  competed in powerlifting meets and strongman competitions.

Ben Tatar and Mike Witmer

Favorite exercise--


BEN: Floor presses which are bench presses on the floor. My best is 455x1. Also, Heavy squats (765 max) And heavy weighted dips with four 45lbs plates attached. I love DROP sets and anything that is hard!

  Favorite body part to train---


BEN: Legs.

  Your training philosophy----


BEN: Very old school---The greater the challenge the greater the reward is in the end.... Train as hard and as smart as you can! Enjoy the training journey, the journey is the destination!



BEN: All sports, bodybuilding/strength training, my friends, traveling, making new accomplishments, and being happy being me!

Ben Tatar and Ron Coleman

Ben can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -- Also, be sure to check out Ben's free Ebook, "50 Keys to a Bigger Bench ITS FREE!

Natural Athlete Ben Tatar

Natural Bodybuilding at its Finest - Lift for

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