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Wednesday August 15, 2018

Amelia Powers logo 2

Amelia Powers

With a physique as feline as any jungle cat, confident piercing eyes that give no hint of weakness and enough charisma to overcome any obstacle, Lift for Life Model of the Month Amelia Powers looks like she just walked out of a James Bond movie.

No stranger to fitness, Amelia has been competing since the age of 16 in her native Peru where she claimed the title of Miss Fitness Peru nine times. An athlete from her youth, Amelia began weight training early which concerned her mother who feared that she would become "big". Predicting her own future, Amelia assured her mother that being fit was a part of her life and that she would always stay feminine.


Amielia Powers, Ms Bikini America Amilia Powers figure model


Amelia Powers figure champion

Amelia's competitive resume spans the entire gambit of physical excellence. Her first competitive win earned her a gold medal in a bodybuilding competition in Lima Peru in 1990. As if to punctuate her accomplishment, Amelia repeated this victory multiple times before switching her endeavors to Fitness. The year 1993 saw her claim the silver medal in the National Fitness Contest also in Lima.


Time passed and Amelia continued training. To her, training regularly and eating properly isn't a chore, but a way of life. This is a mentality that she instills in the clients that she trains as she teaches them to be their best, and for Amelia, the best was yet to come.


After taking up residence in the U.S., the year 2007 saw Amelia claiming victories in 5 major competitions, from overall champion in the Ms. Fitness America to overall champion the the Miss Bikini America.

Winning is contagious, and though Amelia thrives on being her best, she readily confesses that being a role model for others is among her highest ideals.

Amelia Powers bikini model

"My motivation comes from deep in my heart, because I have a lot of passion for fitness. I am a strong believer that fitness helps join the mind, body and soul as one."

As a wife, mother, competitor and trainer, Amelia credits God as her source of willpower. And oh the willpower she has. Two weeks after giving birth to her son Brandon in 2005, Amelia was easing back into to her training program and within two years, she was making waves in the competitive arena.


With so many victories under her belt, what's left for Amelia Powers to accomplish? What ever it is, you can be sure that she is already planning,,,, and preparing for it.


Because of her commitment to drug free physical excellence, aspiring to always be her best, and for instilling this commitment in others, Lift for Life is honored to name Amelia Powers as Figure Model of the Month

Amelia Powers Ms. Bikini America
  • Overall Champion - Miss Bikini America, 2007, Los Angeles, CA

  • Top 5 - Model America, 2007, Los Angeles, CA

  • Overall Champion - INBF Naturalmania Nationals Figure Novice, 2007

  • 1st Place - Ms. Fitness America-Saratoga (Women's Figure Class "B"), 2007

  • Overall Champion - Ms. Fitness America-Saratoga, Women's Figure, 2007

  • Gold Medal - 52 kg division, Miss Peru, Awarded by the National Commission of Bodybuilding, 1997

  • Silver Medal - 52 kg division in the National Miss Peru Contest, given by the National Assoc. of Gymnasiums, 1996

  • Gold Medal - 52 kg division, Miss Peru, Given by the National Commission of Bodybuilding, 1994

  • Gold Medal - Regional Contest of Bodybuilding, given by Gymnasium Wilson, Chichayo, Peru, 1993

  • Silver Medal - 52kg division in the National Fitness Contest, Lima, Peru 1993

  • Gold Medal - Absolute winner in the National Fitness Contest, Given by Gymnasium Wilson, Chichayo, Peru, 1993

  • Gold Medal - Given by the Peruvian Institution of Sports, Lima, Peru, 1993

  • Many others

Page Update:

Amelia recently contacted me to say that she gave birth to a baby girl about 5 months ago for which we offer our sincere congratulations wishing both Amelia and her family the best of health and happiness. She also stated that she competed this year (June 19-20-09) in the Fitness Universe show in Miami, placing first in Figure Universe (medium class) World level.

We at Lift for Life are very happy for Amelia and honored to feature her as a Model of the Month.


FitnessUniverse show this past June 19-20  in Miami.
I place 1 in Figure Universe Champion (medium class)... World Level.


Lift for Life Figure Model of the Month

Amelia Powers

Amelia Powers Lift for Life Model of the Month

To learn more about Amelia Powers, visit her personal webite

Training by Amelia

Natural Bodybuilding at its Finest - Lift for


+1 #11 amelia powers 2012-09-16 15:17
Quoting keaton:
Amazing ....You Have Achieved so much.

Thanks so much, really happy to read your comment.
God Bless You.
+1 #10 amelia powers 2012-09-16 15:14
Quoting Eduardo Ramirez:
hola espero contactar cpn tigo pronto saludos de tu amigo y promocion Eduardo Ramirez Indoamerica soy entrenador personal en Madrid.

Eduardo, a los tiempos..que bueno saber de ti, felicitaciones ole, ole!
Gracias por tus saludos.
Cuidate mucho.
+1 #9 amelia powers 2012-09-16 15:10
Quoting johnny urquiaga:
yu have done what you were looking, congratulations, johnny urquiaga

Johnny, my good friend!
Thanks so much.
+1 #8 Eduardo Ramirez 2012-08-22 21:53
hola espero contactar cpn tigo pronto saludos de tu amigo y promocion Eduardo Ramirez Indoamerica soy entrenador personal en Madrid.
+1 #7 johnny urquiaga 2012-08-22 17:20
yu have done what you were looking, congratulations , johnny urquiaga
+1 #6 muhammab 2012-01-01 04:51
You look great hoor pari. means a beautiful woman of paradise.
+1 #5 jessie 2011-09-09 09:22
You are perfection. Congratulations on your hard work. It has certainly paid off. The Greeks would die all over again, and happily, if they could see you.
+1 #4 laid 2011-02-05 16:01
salut amelia :P
+1 #3 Amelia 2011-01-23 22:12
Thank you!
+2 #2 keaton 2010-10-03 09:25
Amazing ....You Have Achieved so much.

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