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Wednesday August 15, 2018

A Personal Peleo Journey

Written by RebeccaLynn

paleo diet

Over 5 years and 3 babies, this is my personal plaeo journey!

Paleo has increased in popularity over the years and for some it may not be a fad diet. It was useful to get my family on track but I am constantly feeling like I am missing out.

Paleo may not be for everyone but it was the right move for me and my family. I finally feel like I am off the dieting roller coaster and I am keeping my blood pressure under control but now I am finding balance.


Five years ago I was pregnant with my first child and delivered Eight weeks early. I spent the next eighteen months trying get my blood pressure down.

For us this meant that we got rid of all processed food and cooked from scratch. I made homemade breads and casseroles constantly. We had fresh vegetables and fruits always available.

I then got pregnant with my second baby and finally had my blood pressure under control but was still having some other minor health issues. I stayed the course throughout the entire pregnancy and delivered my second baby at term.  


I had a decision to make after I delivered my second daughter. I could either keep the baby weight or try something new. So I started to research and that research led me to a paleo lifestyle.

With a few discussions, my husband he was on board. He has a sleep apnea machine and some other minor health issues.

Within a few short months we had already seen a drastic change. He lost 50 lbs and was sleeping better at night. I was losing the baby weight and relearning what was considered real food.

Baby number Three

After some time my husband and I had a surprise pregnancy and we were excited. At this point I decided not to live a paleo lifestyle throughout the pregnancy.

This was a personal decision but one I do not regret. I spent the first few weeks getting really sick and decided that I need to change something. I started to incorporate grains back into my diet.

I never really saw a difference in pain or weight gain. In fact, I only gained the (currently) suggested amount of thirty pounds. I walked and chased around two toddlers for exercise and overall had a normal (what is a normal pregnancy ha!) pregnancy.

My diet consisted of mostly healthy foods but I ate brownies when I wanted them and I had pasta! I really miss pasta!

After Baby

I spent the first months still eating like I was pregnant. We had a move and I quit working. I was eating whatever I wanted when I wanted. I had lost most of the baby weight and just watched what I could.

One evening I ate through a Nutella jar, by myself!

At this point I knew I needed to get back on track. It wasn’t just my health. So I talked to my husband (who never really fell off the bandwagon) and we decided to do a Whole30.

Whole30 is a strict paleo meal plan. Everything went smooth and I reset my body. I feel great and I am not craving candy (brownies, always, but never candy).

Now What

After we finished the Whole30 I started thinking of ways that I can make this work long term. A strict paleo diet with three kids can be tough. I still cook everything from scratch and all of our meals are paleo.

Every once in a while I will throw in some gluten free tortillas but I miss a good apple pie. And I miss a juicy burger that is so filling I feel like I am going to explode.

I had another decision to make; that decision was that I was not going to feel guilty for indulging. Yes it may not be the healthiest option but that is okay.

Sometimes we get so involved in the hype and needing to follow the plan (or we look like fakes) that we lose sight of living our life.

Never lose sight of your goal. Keep pushing forward but give yourself some flexibility.

About the author:

RebeccaLynnRebeccaLynn Bologna is a freelance writer for hire with a background in accounting. For a change of pace, you can find her helping others and writing about productivity, lifestyle topics and parenting.​​ Most of the time she feels blessed to be a wife and mom of three girls all under the age of four!

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