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Wednesday August 15, 2018

Womens Fitness

Easy Slim Tips for Women

Twenty Minute Slim Down Exercises for Women

in Women's Fitness
Believe it or not, but you don’t necessarily need to be in a gym or exercise for hours just to lose weight. Even in a 20-minute workout, you can certainly burn a significant amount of fat. The key is not how long you exercise, but how fast you can get your…
5 Easy and Effective Ways to Better Health

Five Effective Ways to Improve Fitness

in Women's Fitness
What is the most fundamental goal in life for everyone everywhere? To live a long and happy life. Maintaining a high level of physical fitness is most basic and simple step you can make toward achieving this goal. It is also the most direct control you can…
HIIT Fitness Cardio Tips For Women

HIIT Fitness Cardio Tips For Women

HIIT Fitness Cardio Tips For Women Having a fitness cardio plan that delivers results is a key component of any fitness program. Just like a car engine not working properly without all its parts – a…
Excercise During Pregnancy

Exercise during Pregnancy

Exercise during Pregnancy Regular exercise can help reduce pregnancy niggles Regular exercise during pregnancy is known to ease the symptoms associated with pregnancy as well as making the physical…
The importance of sex for pregnant women

The Importance of Sex for Pregnant Women

The Importance of Sex for Pregnant Women Unfortunately, there is still a lot of unnecessary taboo surrounding sex during pregnancy, strange, considering that sex is what got you into this state in…
How to get your legs ready for summer

Get Your Legs Summer Ready

Summer is almost here which means sun dresses, skirts, shorts, and bathing suits. No longer do you have the winter months as an excuse to pack on a few pounds, hide behind long pants and bulky…
Make Time for Post Workout Recovery

Your Post Workout Recover: Don't Forget It!

Many women rightfully devote a lot of time to the exercise portion of their fitness routine, but then neglect the vital workout recovery time. It is perhaps the least talked about aspect of a workout…
Fit After 50, All Gain, No Pain

Fit After 50 All Gain No Pain

Are you over 50 and out of shape, read on
Fitness Fortitude with Linda Cusmano

Fitness Fortitude

More and more people are using motivational type contests to help get them past their body shaping obstacles.
Women, Toning and Myth Busting

Women, Toning and Myth Busting

“Toning” is a very common term in the context of fitness.

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