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Wednesday August 15, 2018

Health and Fitness

protein banana split

Perfect Breakfast Recipes to Increase Muscle Power

in Health and Fitness
Oh, I am buzzing like a broken record about the importance of breakfast--no matter what you think, but it is important. Many of us are tempted to skip the breakfast quite often or should I say almost everyday. What you eat in the morning sets your energy…
Get in shape for a special occasion

Workouts for Romance

in Health and Fitness
Workouts to prepare for Valentine’s Day (or any other special day) Valentine’s Day is looming on the horizon, and while the flowers (at least) are still pretty much mandatory, who says you shouldn’t step off the beaten path and give your significant other a…
11 Tips to Realy Lose Weight

11 Tips to Really Lose Weight

11 Tips to Help You Really Lose Weight Many weight loss programs would have you think you have to suffer to be slim, that you have to cut calories and exercise to excess to shed stubborn pounds. And,…
5 Ways to Enjoy Cardio

5 Ways To Make Cardio More Enjoyable

5 Ways To Make Cardio More Enjoyable If you’re going about your fitness program and dread the thought of yet another cardio session, you definitely need to be taking steps to find ways to make it…
Doug and Stephanie Miller

6 Steps to Six Pack Abs

Six Steps To Six Pack Abs If you’ve recently set the quest to get six pack abs, it’s important that you get a firm game plan in place to move you closer to success. There’s no denying the fact that…
Office Fitness

10 Easy Ways to Exercise at the Office

10 Easy Ways to Exercise in Your Office Not having enough time or being busy are the most common excuses for skipping that gym session after work. If exercising before or after work really doesn’t…

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