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Wednesday August 15, 2018

Outdoor WorkoutsTired of working out indoors? Go to the park.

When the sun is shining outside it can be a little difficult to sit in a boring gym. This is especially true considering the fact that it is just as easy to build muscle by simply using your body weight instead of constantly pumping iron. When it comes down to it, all you need is an object to pull or push off of and the little bit of space to move your body freely about in order to hit all the muscles you’d usually work indoors.

The workout routines below can be used in almost any park to get you ripped and also work on your tan at the same time.

Here’s how it goes: this program has a focus on wide open areas, and also takes into account the equipment that is mostly found in parks and playgrounds. You can do dips and pull-ups with a 5 reps scheme and subtract one every time you finish a set, all the way down to one rep. Many people use this technique in parks to do a lot of reps at a very fast pace. It can also be quite fun to do these exercises as they are mostly bodyweight based (like the bear crawls), and not practiced in the gym too often. To the casual observer it may look as if you’re fooling around, but these exercises will work out all of your body, in particular the core muscles, and make you tired pretty quickly. You might find that these workouts are even harder than the stuff you do in the gym!

Plan to do each of these workouts once per week, and be sure to rest a day every time you do one session.

Here’s how you do it: the first is exercises are a circuit. That means each set has minimal resting time. On the second day, the A and B exercises are a superset. Finish set A, then focus on B; take a brief break, and then repeat until all of the sets are completed. Finish the rest of the exercises as one set, and once all of the sets for that move are finished you can go on to the next. If you can’t finish all the reps for one set, just go till failure, rest, and continue until the number is finished.

The Exercises

First Day/Work Out 1

Sets: 5 Reps: 5-1

Stand with your knees bent slightly and shoulder width apart. Squat until you’re almost parallel with the ground and then jump up high. Land with slightly bent knees, and then repeat. Do 5 reps, 4 reps, 3, all the way down to one to finish.

First Day/Work Out 2


Sets: 5 Reps 5-1

Find a bar to hang from, such as a jungle gym. Do the basic pull-up motion, which involves your chin going above your hands. Do 5 repetitions all the way down to one as usual. If you can’t do all the reps, focus on doing what you can and subtracting a rep every set.


First Day/Workout


Sets: 5 reps: 5-1

Suspend your body over two bars with your hands holding the left and right sides. Lower/raise your body once. Do this five times down to one, same as the other exercises.

Bear Crawl

Sets: 5

Try doing this for a set distance, maybe around 100 feet. Start on your hands and knees on the ground, and walk forward with your as fast as you can in a crawling motion. Picture how a bear moves to give you a better idea of this exercise.

Second Day/Exercise 1

Crab Walk

Sets: 5

Try doing this for 100 feet. Start in a sitting motion, on the ground. Raise your entire body up on your hands and feet and walked forward as fast as you can. Picture how a crab walks to get an idea of what this should look like.

Second Day/Work Out 2


Bar Parallels

Set: 3

This exercise is best done on a jungle gym. Hang from the first bar and go all the way across one bar at a time and then back to the beginning.

Second Day/Workout Three



Sets: 3


Find an open space and sprint for an extended duration (2-3 minutes) as fast as you can.

Second Day/Workout 4

Backwards Sprints

Do the same as the above, only backwards.


Third day/workout one


Sets:5 Reps: 3

Start by standing up and go down to touch your hands on the ground. Push your legs out behind you as if you are doing a push-up. Do a push-up, and reverse your legs and go into a standing position again. You can also add to this by doing the long jump forward after each burpee.


Third Day/Workout 2

Legs Raises/Dips

Since: 5 Reps: 5

Similar to performing a dip on day two, but this time raise your legs up after you do the dip.


Third Day/Workout 3

Knee raises and pull-ups

Sets: 5

Similar to the pull-ups before, only this time do it while raising your knees up after each pullup.

Author Bio

I am a big fitness fanatic and I often write about activity trackers at on my blog. When I am not out hiking or running, I spend time with my family and or play casual sports, soccer being my favorite.

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